Aleo D Lanri


Aleo d'Lanri was a former member of Ichika no Ho-en ranked as a Sunya. He was mates with Shiloh Grant.


Aleo is a very troubled soul, he hates killing but only does it when needed or to get his revenge. He is quiet around strangers and doesn't speak out often. He can be very loyal and loving to those he trusts and would protect them with his life. He likes painting and making weapons to trade or use for himself. He is shy sometimes, but other times he could just explode with anger. If he keeps anger in him for too long, he could hurt someone. He misses his family, especially his little sister. His hobbies include; carving, making crafts like sketches or weapons, and hunting.

Although he may seem violent and cruel in some ways, he really likes to be peaceful and make friendships. He just wants to find a good peaceful life and friends. He can be really sweet and loving to those he cares about. He is one of the most protective people.


by Kitty

UPDATE: Aleo was in a fight with a bear, his scars now look different, the clawmarks from the mountain lion are crisscrossed with the new ones over his chest.

Aleo is very tall, his height is about 7 ft 9 inches and he weighs approximately 243 lbs. He is very well muscled and very strong for his young age. His fur coloration is a dark black that fades to charcoal on his muzzle, legs, and tip of his tail. Aleo has a strange eye coloration, his eyes are a light purple color, his eye color is strange because no one in his family had purple eyes. His mane is long and is usually in a braid down his back. His ears are larger and is muzzle is leaner due to his coyote heritage, though his coloration isn't of that of coyote.

Aleo has many piercings, he has about five silver studs on each ear, an eyebrow piercing over his left eye. Along with all of the silver piercings, he has a few tattoos. On his right shoulder is a tattoo of a snake given to him by one of his friends back in Germany. He has one on his upper arm of some writing. He has many that are just symbols and insignias. He is scarred, he has four long claw marks running down his back from a mountain lion attack when he was a little bit younger.

Aleo usually is seen with no shirt, but a pair of jeans with an attached sword belt. He has a sword and uses it often for hunting and skinning animals.



  • Mother: Liliea Maören
  • Father: Veiko d'Lanri
  • Little Sister: Makira d'Lanri
  • Love Interest: Shiloh Grant


Aleo was born in Dresden Germany June 12th 2010. He was born to Veiko d'Lanri and Liliea Maören. He grew up in Germany, everything was fine. People respected their family as they were the fortunate wealthier family. Aleo had many friends and he was fond of his little sister. He would take her hunting every day to teach her the ways of life. Soon Marika was big enough and old enough to find a mate. The parents chose the male to be her mate and they chose this rapist jerk who would hurt Marika. Aleo found out and went to punish the guy. They fought and Aleo managed to kill him. Soon enough, Aleo was exiled from the pack he lived in for murder. The scars and bruises all over Marika told her story and she tried to defend her older brother. He had to leave and lived in the neutral territories, always checking at the border. One of his ex-packmates found him one day and told him that Marika and his parents were killed by a rogue Luperci that had a thing for blood. The packmate showed him the area of their death and his family's remains were bloody and scattered. He fell into depression and swore to avenge them. He decided to leave, but before he left, he attacked the rogue and left him a cripple. He had heard whispers of a land in Canada where Luperci thrived. Aleo was rather curious and started his journey to Nova Scotia. Traveling was long and tiring, but he was rewarded when he came to 'Souls. As he could start all over.