Alejandra Sanctus

by Jacob

Alejandra Gianna Sanctus is a wolfdog from Zion, born into the Boreas faction, but she left with her mother sometime before her first shift. She traveled to 'Souls for trade with her brother, Immanuel, whom left her to return to their mother after only a short time in the new land, leaving Aly all by her lonesome. She wandered alone for some time, but found herself accidentally trespassing upon Salsolan packlands, where she is discovered by Andrew Greygrief and taken in as his Indentured Servant.

Spotlight Soul for September 2019.

Recipient of Worst Luck and Most Deserving of a Hug superlatives in the 2019 'Souls Yearbook!






  • Date of Birth: August 20, 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Alastar is a large black raven that has lived in Salsola territory for some time. He is about 6 or 7 years old and has seen much of the Thistle Kingdom's history. He is particularly sympathetic to Aly's plight as he has been observing and watching her for a majority of her enslavement, and only recently he decided to come out of the shadows to provide her with company in her "house arrest." While Alastar knows a small smattering of High Speech, his voice is very rough and rugged and heavily accented.

Pack Information

Plot Potential & OOC Assumptions

  • Pack: Salsola
  • Join Date: May 30, 2019
  • Residence: Andrew's cabin (Salsola)
  • Aly is probably just fumbling around Salsola all sad-like and miserable and doing menial tasks for Andy tbh
  • Salsola members are free to reference seeing Aly going to and fro for her masters; can DM veldt for anything further




  • Species: Wolfdog ; very obvious doggish influence in her coloration and face
  • Fur: Average length, not overbearingly thick; perhaps slightly thinner than a regular wolf's coat
    • Optime Hair: A fluffy, rather messy bob. She cuts her bangs straight across when they hang too low in her face.
  • Facial Features: Bright, curious eyes, a natural smile. Youthful.
  • Build and Size: Small in stature, looks rather young and girlish. Wide hips, very curvy, small bust. A bit doughy. (aka thicc)
  • Humanization: Highly humanized; works very well with her hands. Loves wearing clothes and jewelry when she can.
  • Helpful links: She is always seen wearing a worn leather collar, as it signifies her servitude within Salsola. Additionally, Aly often wears a peach tulle skirt that can easily be pulled up into a dress, though she often wears it as it was designed. It's her favorite article of clothing she has created.
  • As of October 2019, Aly has the Hand of Eris branded into her back between her shoulder blades, courtesy of Lord Greygrief. The scarring is deep and still appears highly agitated.


 DIESEL (#1F0100)
 COFFEE BEAN (#291810)
 KORMA (#8E4E11)
 THATCH (#B7969F)
 BLUE STONE (#03615F)


  • Fur: Mix of predominantly DESERT STORM and RODEO DUST
    • Markings:
      • KORMA near her ankles, on her ears, face, splotches on saddle
      • COFFEE BEAN on her head, legs, tail, splotches on saddle
      • RODEO DUST on her muzzle, neck, inner ears, thighs
      • DESERT STORM on her muzzle, chest, tip of tail, sock on her back left leg
    • Skin, Paw Pads, Nose: DIESEL primarily, THATCH on back left paw pad; speckled nose with both
  • Eyes: BLUE STONE
  • Optime Hair: DESERT STORM
by Nat <3


  • Speech: Very feminine, high-pitched, girly voice (think Starfire from Teen Titans); light Spanish flare to certain words, like her name or words with accented R sounds.
  • Scent: her masters, Millstone, pine, garden plants
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Fidgety, stutters, clasps her hands behind her back, tilts her head
  • General Posture and Body Language: Very submissive, non-threatening

Images (hover for credits!)

by Becky design by Dale by JMonster by Gen by Katie by Despi by Kiri by Mandi


TL;DR: Way too innocent for Boreas, way too innocent for Salsola.



  • Outlook: Ever since her capture, the world seems a little darker.
  • Sociability: Sometimes extroverted, sometimes introverted. Friendly and sweet, very obviously naive and vulnerable/gullible.
  • Expression: Very submissive; easily excitable; wears her emotions quite clearly on her face. Also a crybaby.


  • Becoming the best seamstress in the world!! Also returning to her mother and brother and showing them how they were wrong about her. One day escaping Salsola.


  • Not finding her way back home, losing all of her materials and creations, the dark, spiders, Salsola


  • Likes: Clothes, flowers, pretty things
  • Dislikes: Narcissa is scary ; ;


  • Packs: Raised on horror stories of Salsola and Inferni, Aly is deathly afraid of accidentally encountering them on her journey to 'Souls. A shame...
  • Species: Also raised to inherently hate coyotes, as they are all despicable and unworthy. This is coupled by the countless atrocities carried out by the Scintilla back in Zion and the coyotes of 'Souls in packs such as Salsola. While she dislikes coyotes, she is too nice and scared to say these sentiments aloud.
  • Non-Luperci: They're really missing out! Her brother thinks them stupid for not wanting to shift, but Aly thinks they just don't know.
  • Gender: Men are, according to her faith, the superior sex; women are to be subordinate. This is chiefly why Aly is so submissive and polite, as she does not want to overstep her designated role.
  • Color: Reddish-toned canines are very pretty! Blue eyes are also very pretty! :>
  • Sexuality: Anything other than monogamous, heterosexual relationships are supposed to be looked down upon. Aly feels kind of bad that "sexual deviants" don't get to go to Heaven, though. It's a bit harsh.
  • Age: Puppies are sooooooooo cute but she never gets to see them. Old people are also cute!


Wants to believe she's strictly heterosexual due to her upbringing. However, she is probably a closeted bisexual, as she loves to craft outfits and dresses that accent one's femininity and gushes over females constantly; this affinity for women has caused internal strife throughout her life. She is a hopeless romantic and one days wants to have a partner that is her knight in shining armor, though if her partner were female, it would take Aly some time to reorient her beliefs in order for her to feel comfortable with the relationship.


She believes in the Abrahamic God, as most do from Zion. Her mother drilled the Ten Commandments and various other Christian beliefs into her children's heads, rendering Aly rather spiritual as she grew older. She prays often and sees coincidences as God's hand moving in the world, and she hopes by believing in Him and being a good person she can die and go to Heaven (though hopefully not while she's young). There have been a few instances where her faith was challenged, though, and she is a bit saddened to hear from her mother how the wolves of Boreas supposedly corrupted pieces of the faith for their own gains.


She wouldn't take anything intentionally. However, there's really no telling what she would think if she indulged in any substances; if they helped her forget her reality for even a moment, perhaps they would be desirable.



  • Seamstress: Aly loooooves making and designing clothes. She is actually quite good at it, too. However, finding materials and patterns is a challenge, but she is surprisingly efficient and capable of making due with very little. Need a hole sewn up? You got it. Have an idea for a fancy dress? Can do. Aly can do it all, provided she has the fabric and needle to do it.


  • Strength: She's just really kind of pathetic when it comes to physical prowess, unfortunately. Immanuel did all the hunting and she's been hurtin' ever since he left. If she were to get in a fight, she'd probably curl up in a corner and cry. :'<
  • Gullible: She will believe mostly everything at face-value, even in Salsola. She is quite prone to being taken advantage of.



  • Mother: Lydia
  • Father: Unknown
  • Brother: Immanuel


Key Relationships

  • Andrew Greygrief is the man that captured her, and while at first she didn't think he was so bad, recent events have spurred Lord Greygrief into cracking the whip. She has come to fear him much more than she used to as he has used fear and intimidation to exert power over her, and more recently, he has left her with a mark she can never hope to rid herself of.

Positive Relationships

  • Odalis — a fellow slave, she and Aly have bonded over their shared misery and also keep a few hidden secrets from their masters together.
  • Eden de le Ulrich — Aly helped him craft his faux flowers that he wears often on his arm. She is very fond of the boy and considers him a friend.
  • Pontifex Troy Lykoi — at first Aly wasn't sure how to feel about the Quartermaster's daughter, but sweet Ponti has indeed grown on her. Nowadays Aly feels very safe with Pontifex and thoroughly enjoys their outings.

Neutral/Poor Relationships

  • Narcissa Greygrief, the lady of the house, terrifies her. She's strict, harsh, sharp, and she doesn't really cut Aly any slack. Also her cat actively tails Aly to keep tabs on her but she's largely unaware of that.
  • Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi — at one point in time she was absolutely smitten with the older man, and he was the first one to introduce her to the world of romance; but their last secret meeting together left Aly disillusioned and confused when she realized how little she actually knew of the man. She fled from him and her feelings and has not seen him since, and while it took her some time to get over him, she eventually did. The consequences of flirting with the enemy of her household, however, are long-lasting, and it was this illicit relationship with Till that sent Aly on a downward spiral.