Alegria Bethencourt

Alegria Bethencourt

Date of BirthMay 21 2010
Age3 years

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Alegria was whelped in a litter of three puppies from a caring, conventional couple: Oliver, Alegria and Monique. Oliver, being the largest and the only male, assumed the position of leadership between the three: while at first Alegria's temper made her want to buck against his bossy commands, on the day she turned a year old she swore to herself never to be controlled by the desire for power, or for that matter by a temper she learned to control perfectly. Never again did she burst out in tactless rage, and eventually even her displays of cruelty gained in finesse. Yet those, too, became more and more rare as Alegria became more and more self-centered: she was still ambitious, yet that ambition had turned into the desire to be the best she possibly could be, to run and hunt and fight and climb better than when she had last done so. She progressed immensely with herself as her own opponent, constantly trying to beat her own records in everything.

Oliver, on the other hand, matured as well, yet not for the better: his desire to scare and quash solidifying into a tyrannical character. Their parents had raised the three pups to go and forge a life of their own, so before long Oliver bid them all goodbye in his terse, cold and derisive way, and left to do just that. Alegria saw an opportunity in his leaving, left their childish squabbles behind and followed. Monique, her head drifting in her daydream world, her runty body good for nothing but surviving, stayed behind and was never to be seen again. Alegria didn't care.

Alegria built herself a comfortable living among the coyotes of the ragtag group her brother began to lead. There she was, content with floating through the middle, unnoticed and unnoticing; everyone was without consequence for her, including Oliver. When he died at the jaws of Vesper, a strong-willed she-wolf who'd gotten enough of his tyrannical ways, she did not hate the she-wolf or mourn her brother… on the contrary, Vesper had simply distinguished herself with an act of notable strength and viciousness. Alegria didn't put 'good' or 'bad' labels onto characteristics: Vesper had been strong, in the good way or the bad way, it did not matter, so she became notable.

Later on the group dissolved and Alegria began to join with other groups, this time pushing ambitiously towards the top before leaving, refining her skills and learning what she could. Eventually she heard about the Inferni pack and about a rumored Vesper and decided to investigate for herself.


Though it's obvious that Alegria's not a damsel in distress, she's not veering towards the opposite pole, either: she's not a fleabitten, scarred hide with a scathing tongue and a strong personality. She's feminine, and isn't afraid to show it (or, for that matter, flaunt her feminine wiles...). Alegria lives by a set of loose morals: she doesn't care much to differentiate between what's good and what's bad, what's right and what's wrong, she works on impulse and leads her life as she will.

Despite an evident amount of confidence and brassy willpower, Alegria's coy and doesn't waste futile words in gossip or giggling. For her, actions represent life, not lying around doing nothing - even if the said actions are in your head. Just as long as something's moving.

Alegria's a hedonist by nature. If you ask her, you're not going to figure out the meaning of life, or its purpose, so why not give up and enjoy what you're given while you still have it? This engenders a life that teeters between living in the harsh conditions of the wild and living in sheer decadence. She's capable of doing both, so long as she's following what she wants to do. In this, Alegria is most definitely not a follower. She does things her own way, she governs her own mind: yet she's not a leader of the people either, as her rules apply to herself and she has no desire to manage more minds than her own.

Ambitious yet not power hungry, Alegria strives for the best of what is possible for her, individually, to achieve, and for this, all ways are acceptable: seduction, lying, deceiving, why not, after all? Yet it is not in her nature to be manipulative without reason, and her silver tongue is a tool, not a purpose in itself.

Wild and dangerous, vain and cold, arrogant and coy, Alegria's a mixture that'll have you on the tips of your toes the whole time.



Oliver - brother, deceased.


Vesper - acquaintance from the past.


The first word that might spring to mind upon seeing Alegria would be delicate: not frail, not skinny, not even feminine for lack of proper curves, but delicate. Flowery, like hand-made lace. She's on the tall side because of the length of her legs, and has a fine-boned structure, a sloping spine and long, plumy tail. Her ears are tall, erect and defined, her eyes heavily rimmed in black, her muzzle long and narrow because of her coyote blood. Her markings are traditional grey wolf markings: brindling and patterns, gold and brown and russet on a creamy, reddish base. Her fur is medium long, coarse like a coyote's, and thickens to an average wolflike texture during winter before shedding profusely for summer. Her eyes are the lightest shade of gold imaginable, so they almost appear silvery white.

However, Alegria is one of those that believes that beauty is in the way one is, not just the way one looks. Now, not to say she's one of those pompous girls who says beauty's on the inside. That's not Alegria. She believes beauty is in the way one looks, in the charisma one emanates, in the intensity of one's eyes, or, most of all, in the way one moves. Alegria moves in a very particular manner: her steps are elongated and catlike: with every roll of her shoulderblades it looks as if she were stalking down prey. There is an undeniable femininity, a poise, about the way she holds herself, which counterbalances the lack of womanly curve in her actual shape.

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