Alaster Nishant

Alaster Nishant

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10th, May 2011





Al - i - stir




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25% Interior Alaskan Wolf
50% Tundra Wolf




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Aniwaya ?

Alaster Nishant was previously a member of Aniwaya.


Born of Kemo and Ralla, Alaster was always an innocent, quiet child who followed his twin without question. Inherently kind, though, he balanced his twin and gave attention to their litter-mate and younger sister, Aleu. Kemo's leaving shook Alaster's view on his father, as well as his faith in adult males in general.

When he and his siblings were sent away to live with their uncles in Cour des Miracles during Maska's reign, Alaster could see that Ahiga's trust in adults in general had fallen, and that he was angry at their parents for everything they had undergone since birth. Always loyal to his twin, Alaster went along with Ahiga's plan to 'die' (run away) and returned home to AniWaya with news that Ahiga was dead. Guilt followed him for making his family worry so.

As luck would have it, Ahiga returned a month later after his own return, marking the reuniting of the twins. Although much had changed about them, the two remained loyal and close, and Alaster kept Ahiga's secret still. Alaster now pursues the Animal Care path while his brother pursues that of the Hunter.


Alaster is very innocent and shy, but also faithful to his twin, Ahiga. This makes him more of a follower than a leader while with his twin, but alone, he is a very free soul. He is all for fun and games, but also weighs consequences carefully. Although, as said, if his twin is persistent, he is likely to follow anyway.

Alaster finds great comfort in the animals of the tribe, and is often seen caring for them in the stalls. He has taken up the duty of shepherding the small herd of sheep in the tribe, and hopes that the herd will grow soon.


Immediate Family

Maternal Ancestry

  • Great Grandparents: Unknown
  • Great Grandparents: Unknown
  • Mother: Ralla

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White like his parents, Alaster only has grey on his right foreleg--sock-like in appearance--and mimics his mother's forest green eyes. The only way to tell him and his brother part, in fact, are the grey socks on their forelegs (Ahiga's being on his left foreleg) and that his twin has a grey outline around his eyes.

Alaster is a lanky beanpole, almost as if Ahiga took all the bulky genes. Instead he has lean muscle that allows him to climb about the tree hut with ease, as well as other trees. He always wears his necklace--which has a small dream-catcher and blue-jay feathers--around his neck to ward off evil spirits. This was a trinket made by his mother, and Ahiga was given a similar one (albeit with cardinal feathers).