Alaizabelle Cray

Alaizabelle Cray

by Frizbee
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Date of BirthMarch 20, 2011




Birth placeEurope
Subspecies100% Common Gray Wolf


Aug 2013-current

Alaizabelle Cray was a member of AniWaya ranked in the medicine tier.

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  1.   1.  Personality
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  History

1.  Personality

Alaizabelle's personality is colourful, paradoxical; there is no way you will be able to comprehend her by meeting her just once.

Like the sun she is the warmth and light that everyone needs, but like its heat in the summer she can burn. Alaizabelle is polite, her words are soft and spoken with deliberate precision, every word thought over carefully before being voiced. There is nothing she will say unless she has thought it over first, and although upon first meeting her she is not hostile, she does not seem friendly either. She is obviously a guarded person, and is usually careful and quiet around people she doesn't know. Despite her frosty exterior, she is not cruel and rarely, if at all, partakes in acts of violence and aggression. Alaizabelle is a healer, a scholar, however this does not mean she will not defend herself if needed.

Alaizabelle is a solitary creature, and much prefers her own company to large crowds and public events. She is paranoid, frightened of the world and everything in it, scared that everyone is out to get her. Trust is not something that comes easily with her, though secretly she yearns for companionship. For those who do manage to wiggle their way into her heart, she is extremely loyal, and shows a softer, kinder side to her that doesn't appear often.

She is emotional, and therefore easily angered, saddened or flustered. It is not unknown for her to make rash decision when in an emotional state, despite her usual level-headedness.

2.  Personality

Alaizabelle stands at a modest 5'8" in her optime form -- her favoured appearance simply for the opposable thumb, allowing her to do many different tasks than if she were in her secui or lupus forms. Although she might not be considered the thinnest of creatures, she has a lean, curvy body with a small waist and wide hips, tight muscles rippling under her soft fur coat; however, she is built more for endurance than brute strength, and isn't much use when it comes to fighting (unless it involves running away). Her face is slim and soft, tall ears flanking a short fringe that lengthens to wispy, curly strands, decorated with three blue beads and flowers of a pale pink or white colouration. Her mane is not particularly long, styled into a loose mohawk, the ends flopping over to the side similar to a horse's mane the further down her neck you go, the longest strands of fur being closest to her shoulders. Her tail is thick and long, and the fur around her back legs is slightly longer than normal, while the rest of her body fur is short and silky.

The first thing you will notice about Alaizabelle is that she is an albino; her fur is a blank canvas, as clean and clear as freshly fallen snow, marred only by the patches of bright pink skin around her nose, eyes, inside of her ears and paw pads. To some she might have looked beautiful, ethereal were is not for the notch taken out of her right ear and the ugly scars raking down the left side of her face. She is no longer an image of perfection.

Being an albino she finds it difficult to go about during the day, her skin and eyes being extremely photosensitive. She burns easily around the areas where her fur thins, but it is her eyes that are affected the worst. Alaizabelle is able to go about during the day, it is just very uncomfortable for her, and her eyesight will not be as sharp as it is during the night; unfortunately her eyesight in general is not as sharp as it should be due to her condition, and she has trouble defining objects the further away they get.

3.  History

Alaizabelle was born in Europe, which can be guessed if one listens closely to her British accent. She was born into a clan of luperci who lived off the land, using animals and natural resources to fuel their everyday needs. Upon birth she was watched with fear and suspicion; they had never seen a child like her before, one who could not venture out to play in the sun, a child with pink skin and strange-coloured eyes. Like most creatures, they shunned what they did not know.

Despite this her mother loved her (though her father disowned her). From her mother she learned basic survival skills like hunting and gathering, but what she thanks her mother most for is the vast knowledge of healing she gave to Alaizabelle before her passing. Unfortunately this unstable peace did not last long, and after a month of bad weather, their home riddled by rain and storm, they placed the blame on Alaizabelle -- she was bad luck, a curse on the clan, and she had to go. Her mother tried to protect her, to convince the others to let her stay, but in the end they were both forced away, Alaizabelle gaining the scars on her face as a parting gift.

It was hard, but they eventually managed to find a sea-vessel that could take them across the ocean from Dublin, to Barbados, and then on to Freetown. Unfortunately on the long journey Alaizabelle's mother became sick and died en route, and the girl arrived on American soil alone. It has taken well over a month for her to find herself here, but she feels it is time to finally stop and find a new home, and maybe find a new family too.