Absolution D'Angelo

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    2.   1.2  Miscellaneous
  2.   2.  Personality
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  3.   3.  Relationships
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  4.   4.  Residence

Art by Marcy

Absolution D'Angelo is the son of Plague D'Angelo and Quicksilver Lykoi, born in Portland, Maine at the Salsola Outpost as the firstborn of his litter, preceding his siblings Solace and Jubilee D'Angelo.

Created as a result of a one night stand, Absolution was brought into a world of opulence and structure, one in which he and his siblings were given everything they so desired. They enjoyed a childhood of great variety, surrounded by strange toys and even stranger foreigners, one of which was employed to be their mentor, teaching the children how to read and, later, to write, along with various other skills.

Unsatisfied with his life at the outpost, Absolution was (reluctantly) allowed to set out for Salsola proper to establish himself among the kingdom of thistle and thorns as an adult. Accompanied by his darkling mother, he made his arrival in the latter half of the summer of 2018.

Absolution is a particularly neurotic young man, plagued by bouts of psychological maladies such as anxiety, depression, and psychosis. Along with this, he also suffers from episodes of sleepwalking and when stressed, he will often find himself waking up in strange and unusual places without any idea of how he got there. Much of this his mother, Plague, attributes to his apparent stillness at birth and subsequent revival, a traumatic occurrence that his littermates did not experience.

Despite his close link to what others would call the otherworldly, Absolution is a staunch atheist and does not believe in the supernatural, divine, or unseen—a stark contrast from his more magically-inclined parents, siblings, and community. Nevertheless, it seems as though the world has its way of trying to dissuade him from his skepticism, as he is consistently exposed to the work of the Craft so prominent in the kingdom.

Absolution considers himself a bit a renaissance man, or at least, that is what he aspires to be, as he dedicates himself to studying as many skills as possible to the best of his abilities. From writing poetry and prose, to swordsmanship and archery, bookkeeping, alchemy, and medicine, there are few things Absolution does not want to try his hand at.

Outside of Salsola, Absolution goes by many names as a result of a unstable memory caused by his neuroticism. His most recent pseudonym is that of Pluto.







  • Date of Birth: 15 Aug 2017
  • Human Age: ~18
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: The Tradesman
  • Nickname: Abby
  • Name Meaning:
    • Remission of sin
    • Of the angels
  • Origin: English, Italian
  • Epithet: Revenant

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


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Lineart by artisticjackal
Fashion reference: i, ii, iii, vi, v



Mercury (#EAEAEA)
Charade (#282731)
Cinder (#14131B)

Eyes, Skin, Leathers

Salem (#007948)
Mineshaft (#070709)


By Shannah by Upui @ deviantART

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Speech: Deadpan, sarcastic, bitter. British accent.
    • Languages: Fluent in English and German, conversational in French.
  • Scent: Lemon balm, spearmint, rosemary, pinewood, petrichor. Outside of Salsola he primarily disguises himself with lavender, woodsmoke, and various wildflowers.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Curling his hair around a finger idly, playing with his jewelry, staring off at nothing and growing silent in the middle of conversations.
  • Posture, Body Language: Precise, rigid but not unnatural, defensive, has a problem with slouching and hunching his shoulders.


  • Accessories:
    • A Dragon's Breath Fire Opal ring, one of his most cherished possessions. It was a gift from his parents upon his first shift.
    • An old antique pocket watch that no longer works. The glass inside is broken, but he is fond of the engravings on its casing. He keeps it on a chain and tucked inside his clothes.

Notable Effects

2.  Personality

Byronic Hero - Inferiority Superiority ComplexThe Cynic - No Sense of Humor - Sour Outside, Sad Inside

  • Quiet, mature, insightful, observant
  • Pessimistic, jaded, defeatist, secretive
  • Family-oreinted, loyal, nuturing, motherly
  • Clever, adaptable, quick to learn
  • Outlook: Pessimistic, Realist
  • Sociability: Reclusive, Unpleasant
  • Expression: Submissive, Brooding
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil / True Neutral

2.1  Details


  • Likes: The macabre, taxidermy, red wine, antiques, poetry, books
  • Dislikes: The occult, religion, thieves, abusers, men, horses


  • Promoting Salsola and furthering it's success
  • Bringing pride to his family's name and rank
  • Acquiring knowledge and a variety of skills


  • Drowning, Premature Burial, Immolation
  • Failure, Humiliation, Ostracism
  • Familial loss


  • Packs: Believes in Salsola's superiority over any other pack
  • Species: Not biased towards any particular species.
  • Gender: Females are superior to males, but untrustworthy.
  • Non-Luperci: Uncouth beasts, looks down upon them.
  • Sexuality: Discouraging of relationships between men.
  • Religion: An explicit atheist, sees the religious as less intelligent.


  • Heterosexual (presumably)
  • Absolution has a strong preference for feminine and/or powerful women
  • Possesses inclinations towards same-sex attraction, but will deny this.
  • Desires long-term companionship, though he is prone to becoming obsessed.
  • Sexually repressed, a prude of sorts, but he does have a libido.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

3.2  Pack Relations

3.3  Outsider Relations

Minor Relations

  • Unfriendly: Outsiders, Boreas
  • Murders: —

4.  Residence

Witch's Point, The Ruins, Salsola

Other occupants: Plague D'Angelo, Solace D'Angelo

Absolution has made claim to his mother's previous residence, the southerly tower nestled against the castle ruins, in her absence. Though mostly unchanged since his arrival, a few things are different. Below is a composite of its original description, written by Shannah, and the minor alterations made after its change of ownership.

The tower has remained largely intact through its years of isolation, save the gaping hole on the third floor. Its exterior is mostly shielded from onlookers due to the thistles that swath its stones and the abundance of undergrowth that has been allowed to grow around the tower, its height overcoming even the tallest of Luperci. Bushes of wild, flowering plants mark the entrance to a narrow path that leads to the front door. Lavender bushes line the edges of the ground while honeysuckle drapes from overhead and circles around the door. Passerby can note that the general area has a strong floral and somewhat unnatural scent.

  • Hidden from view to the right of the tower is a small alcove of cleared land. A side door from the kitchen leads to this secret garden. A small plot of fertile earth is used for seasonal plants while the rest of the ground is routinely pruned to keep clean and flat, though small flowers and springy clovers are allowed to grow. It is large enough for three adult individuals to walk around comfortably.

The main room of the first floor is the parlor—it was made for company and conversations, and Quicksilver spared no expense to make a show of it. On most occasions the slot windows are closed to small cracks to made the room dim and warm. The walls are decorated with cloths of various colors and patterns, as well as sparkling sea glass that reflect light from the candles that dot the room. A hearth is located on the left side of the room. Various sitting arrangements ranging from stools to a loveseat circle the parlor.

  • An offshoot of the parlor leads to a modest room that has been repurposed into a kitchen. Shelves are lined with jars of spices and a water basin sits on a table. A makeshift oven made of stone sits underneath a cut-out window that faces the garden to allow the smoke to ventilate. A small circular table that sits three is nestled into the corner of the room.

The second floor of the tower was originally reserved for Quicksilver's private quarters. The first and largest room of this floor serves as the master bedroom. Its decorated in a more homely manner and brightly lit with books and baubles splayed across the room. Space has been made to accommodate new bodies, piles of bed-furs accompanying an old bed. A locked chest sits off to the side of the room. The secondary room is small and rather cramp. It serves as a study, complete with a simple desk and shelves of parchment and books. In times of need, it can be remastered into a makeshift guest room.

The third floor is comprised of one large room. Its northern wall and some of its roof is gone, leaving a large gap that's not suitable for proper living. Wooden beams have been installed to ensure no further cave-ins will occur, and a short wooden guardrail was built. Otherwise it is left open air without windows—a net that is typically rolled up can be applied to the hole to keep insects out. Quicksilver used this floor as her personal lounge as well as an area to dry picked herbs and plants. They hang from the ceiling from strings and is the source of the strange aroma that basks the entire tower.

The small building nestled close to the witch's tower, once Quicksilver's, now serves as Abby's workshop. Curtains of foliage have been fashioned into a makeshift door near the front of the building to maintain a level of privacy. Large gaps in the walls and ceiling have been filled in with stones, with a few remaining to serve as sources of light. Various tools for skinning and leatherworking are lined in an orderly fashion along a workbench.

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