Abraxas Ladrão

Abraxas Ladrão was a Loner, wandering Nova Scotia with no limits.


Abraxas has dark fur with bright, hot eyes. In Abraxas' case, his fur varies in only three levels and has a slightly cold hue, where his eyes are molten orange and yellow, like lava. The darkest shade in his fur is smeared over his eyes, dotted on his brows, and covers the backs of his ears, the back of his head, neck, the tops of his shoulders, and each of his legs up to the elbows and knees. The lightest shade touches the rims of his ears, his chin, and splashed across his neck down to his chest. The left side of his neck has four pink scars resembling teeth marks.

However, his trademark quirk is the slitted look of his pupils, a known flaw in his family, that makes him look snakelike. Due to this genetic defect, his eyesight is fairly limited and he is likely to lose his sight faster than most.

Being a Jackal/Coyote cross, Abraxas isn't known for brute strength or beefy figure. In fact, he has quite the slender figure, both slim and short by comparison to most wolves. He often looks like he slinks around, much like the snakes he's compared to, and takes a stealthy quality to his movements.

Those of the Santiago Sect had specific meanings in their garments, especially for higher ranked families, and so Abraxas' clothes adhere to those requirements. The most important is probably the necklace of teeth and phalanges, taken from the first meal Axas had to catch himself, which is a rite all members go through at the coming of age. His two wristbands, made from the skin of the same kill for his coming of age, represent his acceptance of the title "disciple of Santiago". His armband was the next addition, as an established and successful member of his specific family line. His one unimportant article of clothing is the loincloth-type skirt around his waist, with his obsidian knife tucked into a holder sewed into the waistband.


Despite the proud nature of many families in the Santiago sect, Abraxas was always known as the anxious sort, cautious and doubtful in everything he did. Even though he embraced the religious community with welcome arms when he was young, he grew to be regretful of his actions and beliefs, taking great lengths to hide his thoughts from his conservative family. His pessimistic demeanor and impulsive tendencies had him labeled as the "troubled" kid in his family out of all his brothers and sisters, although some of his cousins had given his aunts and uncles a run for their money in the past. Learning to adapt and simply go with the flow was a huge obstacle for him, especially with a stubbornness towards changing his ideals or beliefs, as well as his daily life. He compulsively lies to himself and others, reluctant to disclose any information about himself and where he came from. He can talk to others, although he prefers to shy away from them and remain a listener.

He does, however, have a sense of humor, although it is crude and dark as a result of his gory upbringing. As a member of a somewhat "royal" family, he and his brothers were often sought by the other females. However, even though he'd been attracted to (and been with) some, his paranoid and anxious tendencies had him shying away, especially so up to the night he left his family. When it comes to his faith, Abraxas is strictly adherent, even if he is afraid of his own beliefs. He doesn't actively try to convert others, but he could never imagine himself believing anything else.

As he traveled north, Abraxas found that he enjoyed a few things extracurricularly, including chess, dice, and many gambling games. He does like to cook, although his ingredients usually include canine flesh in some way or another. Left to his own devices, many of Axas' quirks and habits have become fully fledged and unrestricted. He paces, grooms himself quite a bit, licks his lips (especially when taunted by the aspect of cannibalizing), picks his teeth (this is a tell for when he lies or feels guilty), and repeats himself and others. An isolated lifestyle leaves him to judge himself harshly, which in turn allowed some masochism to develop, but only mildly. He speaks with a Portuguese accent with an adequate English vocabulary, although he mixes English words and mumbles a lot when anxious.


Born into the Ladrão family of the Santiago Sect, Abraxas already had great things planned for him, as his family was one of the higher ranking families. His father, along with a few aunts and uncles, were priests and priestesses and his family was heavily dedicated to their faith. His family had been a part of the Sect since the days when it was based in South America, specifically Brazil and Venezuela, where it has recently broken off from a larger offshoot of the Thyestean Collective into a group led by a dog named Santiago Basurto, after whom the sect is named. The Thyestean Collective actively partook in cannibalism and made it an integral part of their culture. The Sect eventually mover further north after a large influx of jackals from Africa sailed in, adding diversity to the group, which was made up almost entirely of dogs. The move north, which stopped in Guatemala, merging with an already existing coyote offshoot to increase the size of the Sect. This larger group took refuge and eventually built a compound inside and around Mayan ruins, specifically the Tikal ruins.

As he went through his rites and coming of age ceremonies, Abraxas grew more and more uneasy and afraid of his faith and himself, not really sure of his beliefs beyond what his family assured and taught him. The part that worried him the most was that everything -- the cannibalism, the murder -- came as natural to him as walking. Fearing his sanity and health, Abraxas left his family in the middle of the night, packing all of his things into a tiny knapsack, and traveled north, further north than any of the sects had ever gone to his knowledge.

Unfortunately for Abraxas, escaping his cannibalistic tendencies proved harder than expected. His upbringing reached deep into his instincts and compulsions and so he continued to indulge in his habits, trying to keep them secret from anyone he encountered. His already anxious nature bloomed into a constant paranoid and secretive barrier between himself and anyone he met, trying to figure himself out before letting anyone else come close. Because of this, he had no companions or friends gained as he moved north, into the colder regions of the Americas.

Abraxas Ladrão

Date of Birth:October 31, 2010
Subspecies:Jackal-Coyote Mix
Birth place:Santiago Sect


River Bed (#445458)
Outer Space (#252E31)
Wood Smoke (#111517)
Black (#000000)
Gold Drop (#DE8801)

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