World Territories Guidelines

Areas Page Editors: please follow the Guidelines, whether you are editing an in-game area or World Territory.

Whee, there are a lot of guidelines for World Territories so they got their own page to de-clutter the main World Territories page.

1.  Adding World Territories

  1. Anyone can add a world area to the Wiki.

1.1  Guidelines for Creation

  1. Please make sure you are realistic in your territory creations -- see the Member Guides section for more information regarding realism. Realistic includes territory sizing, culture, population, etc. It's not realistic for 200 Luperci to live in one suburban block, for example.
  2. Precise territory claim limitations are not imposed, due to the differing nature of canine lifestyles. E.g., a nomadic pack might "claim" many hundreds of miles as their territory, and that would be fine since their claim isn't really enforced by boundaries, scouts, etc. -- while a stationary pack with ten members can't claim many hundreds of miles as their claim because it'd be impossible to defend, and it's nice to allow other players the opportunity to create areas in the same general area as your created territory. Be mindful of balancing the size of your area's population to your claim.
  3. Player-Created areas have a maximum population of 250 Luperci. Areas with larger populations than this are prohibited; only the Major Cities have such large populations.

2.  World Territory Classifications

2.1  Player-Created Area Classifications

  1. Note: You cannot claim areas if they were home to concentrated human populations of more than 500,000 prior to the apocalypse. This is to prevent players from totally claiming major cities -- it's not fair if only one person gets to dictate that their character was from the city of Detroit or Las Vegas.
  2. Note: Areas added by anyone other than the original creator default to Closed (e.g., I added the Berowick area, created by Xani and defaulted it to closed).


  1. Anyone may create characters originating from the area, or have their character stay in the area for a long time, a short time, etc.
  2. Open does not indicate absolutely everything goes with regard to that territory: defacing the area, destroying it, or otherwise severely altering its premise is still not permitted.


  1. Players must request permission to create a character originating from the area.
  2. Players must request permission from the Creator of the area if they want their character to have spent more than a few days in the area.
  3. Players may play a character that passed through the area in travels or that their character heard of the area.


  1. Anything relative to the area is by request of the creator only.

Editing Player-Created Areas

  1. If an area is primarily controlled by one Player, ask before you update. This especially applies to Closed and Request areas.
  2. Major changes to another player's World Territory -- even an Open territory are extremely disrespectful. If you'd like to play a character with a destroyed family/homeland/territory, create your own place and destroy it.

2.2  Major Cities

Using and Editing Major Cities

  1. All the Major Cities are completely open for use. Feel free to create a character originating from one of these areas! They do not belong to a particular player.
  2. If another player has already started to establish information for a particular Major City, it's courteous to build on that information.

Populous Cities

  1. The listed Major Populus Cities are the only opulous cities of Luperci in the world. Players are free to create smaller villages, towns, packs, nomadic packs, and whatever else -- but in order to keep the game areas from becoming filled with vast Luperci cities, there's already a set number of population-significant cities.
  2. Please be mindful of the listed statistical information in each of these areas. Nowhere in the world do civilizations of thousands of Luperci exist in a small area. Luperci-choked industrial or post-industrial cities are not found anywhere. See London for an example of the world's most populous Luperci city.

3.  Creating Characters from World Territories

  1. Adhere to the Classifications: Player-Created territories are not open for anyone to create characters from. Some are open season, some are closed completely. Read carefully!
  2. Remember, Major Cities are completely open for any player to use in their character histories or heritages; they are administrator-created and picked. Classifications do not apply to Major Cities.
  3. Adhere to the Travel Guide. It's not realistic for your Luperci to be in Siberia one week and South Africa the next; it is not realistic for your Luperci to cross the Pacific; it is not realistic for your Luperci to sail near to Antarctica or the Arctic Circle in winter, etc. Please be realistic -- and if you are not sure, ask questions.

4.  Off-Limits Areas

4.1  Human Outposts

Extremely little is known about the humans in these areas--in many of the places where humans remain, they are one of two extremes. Either they are tribal peoples who were already capable of surviving without technology, or they are technologically advanced societies which survived the apocalypse. In many of these areas the humans have completely barricaded themselves within a stronghold in that area, "surfacing" only to gather resources as needed, leaving them mostly inaccessible to the canines of the world.

  1. In accordance with the game rules, your character may not have humans in his/her history. As such, edits to this part of the Wiki are not allowed. These are places in the world were humanity has not yet completely perished, perhaps due to natural immunity to the virus. Regardless, they are here purely for information's sake.
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Tokyo, Japan
  • New York, New York
  • Polynesia
  • London: Formerly occupied by some humans, they were pushed out once the canines started to reclaim the land.