Withered Realms

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Withered Realms

Phil Snyder

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1.  Description

These are the former territories of Bleeding Souls, burned in the 2008 fires. Although there is faint evidence of life returning to this area, the fire was catastrophic, destroying much of the old-growth forests of the area, many of which were completely fire-intolerant. As a result, much of the vegetation was completely decimated and destroyed. Many trees have fallen, though some still remain, dead where they stand. Some greenery and evidence of life shows during the spring and summer months, but even this is sparse and stunted as the area struggles for its recovery. There are few prey animals to be found here -- indeed, it would seem the only animals managing to eke an existence in the burned areas are birds and other small rodents. Nonetheless, it is returning life, however unable to sustain Luperci it is.

1.1  Subterritories

1.2  Landmarks

Acheron Peaks

The connection between the Halcyon Mountains to the south and the Death Mountains to the north, the Acheron Peaks are a series of bumpy, low foothills. They shield the Haunted Forest from the Northumberland Strait to the north and separate Wentworth Valley from the Sosye Basin to the east. Among the otherwise low-lying ridge, a solitary peak, taller than the rest, looms over its surroundings. It is not so proud and tall as Conquest Bluff to the north and east. Over the eons, the stream and the elements both have rounded the peak down to a gentle mountain, as with many in the area. It is here that the Tranquil Springs come forth from the earth -- blooming from the mountain and pooling down its sloped sides.

  • Tranquil Springs
    A series of small pools, beginning with a spring from the center of the mountain, sits midway up the mountain, cutting slowly into its side as the elements work to wear down the peak's top. These pools were formed over many long years -- yet steep steps separate them from one another, leading to pooling waterfalls. Most are no larger than a Luperci, but one is large enough to conceal a shallow hollow behind its tumbling falls. The water here is cold, clear, and beautiful -- a sharp contrast to the destruction to the east. The fire was here, but the water was quick to cleanse its effects.

Sosye River Basin and Swamp Sosye

A number of rivers in the south of the Cape Breton Peninsula are collectively referred to as the Sosye River Basin. The river is fed by the Yawrah River, through Vapor Lake. Several of the small creeks running through the Ashes and Ashes area also feed into the Sosye River Basin. The low-lying land here soaks up the water, resulting in swampy woods. The low-lying lands here are especially prone to flooding.

Where the freshwater finally meets the ocean, the water is brackish, and there is a constant battle between the escaping water of the river and the frantic, grasping waves trying to come inland.

Vapor Lake

Vapor Lake sits just to the north of the Sosye River Basin, fed by the Yawrah River. There is a small island in the lake that's normally hidden by swaths of fog. The lake has gone acidic due to the fires and burned chemicals of the Concrete Jungle just to the east, as well as the inflow of other pollutants and fire debris from the Yawrah River's southbound flow. Though unsafe to drink and unable to support fish life, Vapor Lake is not incredibly dangerous. Spending too much time within the water, though...

Vapor Lake was a former territory of Bleeding Souls. It was claimed by Clouded Tears in early 2002 and remained so until the 2008 fire. It was not playable in-game again until the northern Ashes and Ashes territories were reopened in 2010.

  • Ceres Sadira and Kiriska Gravesites
    In the woods near Vapor Lake's largest in-flowing tributary are two large, oddly colored rocks, each bearing the name of a deceased Clouded Tears alpha. Kiriska's gravestone is the older of the two and directly opposite hers is Ceres's gravestone. Kiriska and her stillborn litter was buried there by Ceres, and later on, Ceres was buried opposite her friend by Kiriska's only surviving son Laruku Tears.
  • Alpha's Rock
    On the other side of the lake, there is a large, flat grey rock that was used as the alpha's stage during Clouded Tears pack meetings.

Yawrah River Territory


The Yawrah River begins in the upper parts of the Acheron Peak area, fed by the Tranquil Springs. It snakes down through the mountains and flows across much of the Cape Breton Peninsula, picking up several smaller creeks and streams through its long course.

Its currents are lazy and mild, with little force to them. The danger in the Yawrah is its width. Broad, flat floodplains expand all around the river, which is itself incredibly wide. The territory surrounding the Yawrah River, once green and lush, has become flat and dreary, comprised primarily of floodlands. The trees once lining the river's borders have been swept away, leaving the soil loose and free to erode. The once quick, clear Yawrah has become muddy and even stinking in the northerly parts, tainted sulphur in the Bonefire caves. Clean water from its many estuaries is enough to purify it in the far south.

In the south, however, the floodplains are even wider, and the river slows to a crawl, dominated by the invasive Fanwort plant, a foreign invader to Nova Scotia's soil. Nevertheless, there is still evidence of fish life beneath the surface, and Ospreys and Bald Eagles, fisher-birds, are sometimes seen circling the muddy river, still capable hunters despite the change in the river. Other water-dwelling birds are often seen along the river, though not in any plentiful manner.

2.  Trivia

  • The name Yawrah is actually a play on Sie's hometown, Rahway, because Sie was not very kr34t1v3 with naming things at age thirteen. XD

3.  Claimed Land

3.1  Current

  • None!

3.2  Former

  • None!

4.  Likely Encounters

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5.  Cardinal Direction Navigation