The Estate

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The Estate



Statistics & Foundation

Primary Map


  • Location: North Carolina, USA
  • Status: REQUEST
  • Demonym: Estaters
  • Languages Spoken: English, French
  • Archetype (Group): High-Born, Merchants, Slavers, Entertainers, Gardeners, Stablehands, Farmers, Huntsmen, Craftsmen, Slaves
  • Foundation: 1994
  • Current Leader: Sauindr Saeth
  • Species: Wolves, Coyotes, Dogs, Hybrids
  • Population: ~65
  • Luperci: 82%+ Luperci

Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  The Estate
  2.   2.  Geography
    1.   2.1  Family Home
    2.   2.2  Housing/Quarters
    3.   2.3  Gardens
    4.   2.4  Slave Quarters
    5.   2.5  Stables
  3.   3.  Culture
    1.   3.1  Economy
    2.   3.2  Trade
    3.   3.3  Species
    4.   3.4  Outsider Relations & Travel
  4.   4.  Structure
    1.   4.1  Leaders
    2.   4.2  Law & Justice
  5.   5.  Religion
  6.   6.  Significant Families
  7.   7.  Notable Members
  8.   8.  History
    1.   8.1  Influences on 'Souls
  9.   9.  Credits
  10. 10.  More Reference

1.  The Estate


2.  Geography


2.1  Family Home


2.2  Housing/Quarters


2.3  Gardens


2.4  Slave Quarters


2.5  Stables


3.  Culture


3.1  Economy


3.2  Trade


3.3  Species


Luperci & Shifting






Animals & Compaions

Boating and Sailing

Style and Fashion


Wine Production



Practices & Traditions


Gender and Sexuality

Families and Family Structures

Hedonistic Behavior


Luck and Superstition

Fishing and Hunting

3.4  Outsider Relations & Travel





4.  Structure

4.1  Leaders


4.2  Law & Justice


5.  Religion

Various religions are practiced by the members of the pack, the most among them being Christianity. The leadership is not religious though and does not enforce any beliefs, leaving individuals and small groups to practice what they will in private as long as they continuing to follow orders.

6.  Significant Families

  • Saeth: Describe...
  • Belvoir: Descendants of the founder who are alive today because they remain subservient to the Saeth family.

7.  Notable Members

  • Lucas Belvoir: Founder of The Estate. Killed in 1998 by Komoc Saeth.
  • Komoc Saeth: The usurper of the previous head of The Estate Lucas Belvoir. He ruled using fear, creating slavery and raping most of the female populace, fathering many unclaimed children. He died in 2007 at the age of 12 from an infection.
  • Neferneferu Tasherit: Favoured "wife" of Komoc, and mother to her only child Sauindr. She is a princess of Egypt, sent by her elder brother as a gift to Komoc. She a steely and reserved beauty, who ruled as an advisor to her son Sauindr until her death in 2013.
  • Sauindr Saeth: Current leader of The Estate, heir to the previous leader Komoc Saeth.
  • Kolar, Numoc & Vatch: Male triplets who are shadowed by intrigue. They are believed to be the bastard sons of Sauindr Saeth but he has never admitted to it and has sometimes had members killed for their speculations on the matter. They are never far from each other's sides and are the best traders and slavers of the pack, each possessing unique skills that compliment the other. If separated they would not be as effective.

8.  History

The Estate was founded around 1994 by a Luperci who wished to bring order to the lives of those, both Luperci and Non-Luperci, who lived in the area. The vision had started out as a pure one, providing protection and resources to those who joined him in return for hard work, wanting everyone to find their place and be happy in what the original leader called his Utopia. It was a sprawling estate that was the remnants of a human society plagued by the wealthy. It was huge, peppered with gardens and ponds, houses and stables, and a no longer functioning train that ran through the property. They were all working to restore it and mark it as a place for both shelter and open trade on the map. This all changed when Komoc Seath joined in 1998; he began poisoning the minds of some of the pack, turning them against the founder, and introducing members of his own that were of a shady demeanor. He eventually pushed out - or killed - the aging founder, assuming the position of head of The Estate, imprisoning those who would not follow his new laws and turning all non-Luperci, and some subservient Luperci, into slaves, killing whoever would not assimilate.

Komoc began raping the women a year after he took control, both Luperci and non-Luperci, even those in mateships with others. The other men did nothing though, as they would be killed if any of the stepped out of line. He even accidentally turned some non-Luperci by doing this, and they would remain Verto slaves for trade. Through these assaults he bore many children, some he claimed as legitimate and others he did not, most of his non-Luperci offspring being killed at birth. A lot of these offspring formed relationships with each other, unaware of their heritage, and some were even taken as wives by Komoc as he aged.

One of such children was Sauindr Saeth, a "pure blood" boy born in 2007, the only son of Komoc's favoured "wife" Neferneferu Tasherit - a foreign gem from Egypt that was sent over by her elder, princely brother as a gift, who was impressed by stories he had heard of Komoc from traders passing through. Komoc, 12 at the time, was nearing death from an infection, which those loyal to him kept a secret. In his last breaths he grabbed Neferneferu tightly by her arm and proclaimed their son his sole heir, those present in those last moments would enforce the mans dying wishes, raising Sauindr until he took over rule at the age of one, his mother ruling in his place during that year became a reverant member of the pack and an advisor to her son until she died five years later in 2013.

Sauindr ruled much like his father did, instilling fear in the members to prevent abandonment or betrayal. He was more fond of killing than raping, only taking women who were willing, although it did not seem to be a problem for him as he was much more handsome than his father, taking a lot of his physical traits from his beautiful mother Neferneferu. Sauindr has many bastard children, and although he has no problem claiming most of them as his he has yet to legitimize any of them. There are three boys he will not claim though: Kolar, Numoc & Vatch. Triplets born in 2013 to an Eastern Timber Wolf named Mary Eastick, and raised on The Estate property. It was said that Mary practiced witchcraft, and it is known that Sauindr would visit her often in private, although he would distance himself from her in front of others prying eyes. If anyone unwittingly brought up the subject within earshot of him he would often have them killed.

One day, her boys barely six months, Mary Eastick was found hanged on the property, and it is unclear to this day on whether she had taken her own life or if Sauindr committed the act himself. Since that day the triplets have always remained silent in Sauindr's presence, unnerving the aging man, although they still follow his orders if it suits them.

Sauindr continues to rule The Estate to this day, which is now booming with trade in slavery, horses and various goods, the pack specializing in breeding and maintaining a subservient populace, teaching slaves specific skills to make them more alluring to potential buyers.

8.1  Influences on 'Souls

9.  Credits

  • The Estate was created by Mars. If you are interested in creating a character from The Estate or adopting one, please contact Mars.

10.  More Reference

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