The Cartel

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  1.   1.  History
    1.   1.1  Notable Threads
  2.   2.  Membership
    1.   2.1  Current Members
    2.   2.2  Former Members

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Coyote, smoke, tobacco and cannabis, livestock, Lykoi.

The Cartel is a coyote-run drug cartel in its infant stages, presently a group of ex-Infernians banded together for companionship and survival.

1.  History

Formed in the aftermath of Inferni's disbandment, the Cartel has its origins in the thoughts and ideas of dissenters under Vicira Tears' rule -- including her own children. As the clan suffered from flooding, illness, and famine, discontent spread. Boone Lykoi declared his desire to overthrow his mother or desert Inferni, but the idea remained only an idea for some time.

On August 1st, 2018, Vicira disbanded Inferni. That night, she unexpectedly abandoned the remaining coyotes, with her mate Redtooth leaving in search of her. When neither returned, the small group (many of whom intended to part ways with the other stragglers) properly banded together. They crossed the mountains into The Dampwoods in search of security and better hunting grounds.

In early November, 2018: the Cartel suffers a heavy blow when Merari Tears and Laurel del Bosque take off on their own to parts unknown. Shortly after Jethro Lykoi and Marlowe de le Poer also disappear without a trace.

Mid November, 2018: Tamara de le Poer arrived and is taken into the Cartel's ranks as La Águila, The Eagle. Briarblack is also spotted, and roped back into the fold under the title La Torre.

1.1  Notable Threads

2.  Membership

2.1  Current Members

  1. Boone Lykoi, El Gallo
  2. Nazario del Bosque, El Zorro
  3. Johnathan Winthrop, El Burro
  4. Ronald Winthrop, El Perezoso (NPC)
  5. Tamara de le Poer, La Águila
  6. Briarblack, La Torre (NPC)
  7. Larka, La Alondra
  8. Rozenn, La Serpiente
  • Players: 6 / 7
  • Played Characters: 6 / 10
  • NPCs: 2
  • Total Characters: 8 / 15

Note: The Cartel does not have ranks or hierarchy -- rather, characters are titled by their animal nicknames. The names arose as a joke made by Laurel and caught on, and may in the future serve as code names.

2.2  Former Members

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