Snow-Capped Pine

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The area is notable for its long, narrow valley, pocked with areas of dense pine woods. The area seems to have earned its name due to the great numbers of conifers which populate its lower reaches, though the hills surrounding it are mostly barren, making it difficult to approach in secret. A creek runs the length of the valley, escaping where the hills level out on the south-eastern side. The migration paths of big game crisscross the valley, making it an extremely favorable hunting ground, able to sustain a large population of wolves.


Pine Valley was originally home to several small packs of wolves, who vied often with one another over the prey that came in. Territorial lines were difficult to agree upon, and border skirmishes were frequent. In time, nearby ruins were found to possess human steel, which was used to turn the tides of such conflicts. The great food resource of the valley always attracted new wolves, and friction between existing packs within the valley grew to a peak. War broke out in full, and several smaller packs were forced to band together in order to survive the aggression of larger neighbors. In the second winter after they joined together, this united tribe called themselves the Snow-capped Pine, naming themselves after the valley they fought to claim. Their numbers grew, and in time they were able to establish themselves as the dominant force in Pine Valley, and they brought the war to an end. The original alpha of the group, Bolger, was forced to contend with angry and resentful neighbors, and frequently the pack faced joint threats from those who remained on the outskirts of the valley. The violent nature of the valley persisted, and a strong warrior culture was established which persists to this day. Snow-capped Pine has only grown in number, and is currently home to over four-dozen wolves, with every adult required to have knowledge of basic self-defense.

Significant Occurrences and Characters

Year 0: Snow-capped Pine is founded in the midst of the War for Pine Valley.

Year 1: Snow-capped Pine becomes the dominant force in the area, and ends the war in an uneasy truce.

Year 7: Border skirmishes remain constant. Bolger dies of natural causes. His son, Bold, takes command of the pack.

Year 8: Bold leads an aggressive campaign against the Pine's neighbors, reducing the incidence of outside attacks.

Year 10: A wolf named Skoll comes seeking warriors to vanquish the Cult of the Shadow Priests. Twelve wolves go with him.

Year 11: Bold and his beta, Harner, are killed in the War of Shadows on the Blighted Fields. Jantus, his Gamma, assumes command, and returns with his new beta, Samson--the only two survivors of the Pine's twelve--back to Pine Valley.

Creator and Contact

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