Skeletal Sanctuary

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Territory Concrete Jungle
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The Skeletal Sanctuary is all that remains of the once-beautiful suburbs of the city. The streets became rivers of fire in 2008, and bear the marks to prove it. Instead of straight, well-defined streets, most of the roads here melted and overflowed their borders, reforming and hardening back into solid asphalt when the fire retreated. There is not a house among these streets that wasn't touched by fire. In some places, where wooden construction was commonplace, the fire wrought total destruction. Only stone foundations remain, row after row of them lining the melted asphalt streets. In other areas, where brick construction prevailed, the houses fared better — they still stand, though insides and roofs were most commonly gutted by flame.

While the city and its surrounding sprawl were obliterated by the fire, the suburban areas around the city have clearly fared better since. While wild greenery is not seen in the Sanctuary, small shrubs, skinny saplings, and even patchy grass grows here. Most structures have collapsed to their concrete foundations, though here and there, brick and stone fireplaces, chimneys, hearths, and the occasional wooden frames still remain. These eerie, skeletal remnants give the territory its name.

2.  History

  • Originally its own separate territory, known then as Luminous Sanctuary, it was eventually incorporated as a subterritory of the Concrete Jungle.