Serene Sands

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Territory Halcyon Mountain
Major Waterways Atlantic Ocean
Size 12.9 sq km / 5 sq mi


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1.  Description

The northern ravine | Jaine@Flickr

Halcyon Mountain declines sharply into the forlorn shore of Serene Sands. Located in the southwestern border where land meets the Atlantic Ocean, the journey to reach the beach can be difficult due to the craggy ravines that ring the northern part of the area. It is quiet here, save for the gentle lapping of the waves, as the immensity of the mountain blocks out most extraneous noise, keeping the beach serene and tranquil from the goings-on outside. It is quite easy for someone to miss a call from this locale, shielded from interruption, left alone to enjoy the sanctity of the calm waves.

During the low tide, many caves hidden deep within the face of the rock become accessible. The series of caves harbour some of the best preserved documents, hand-made trinkets and odd knick-knacks possessed by the pack. Several small and scattered islands become visible a short ways off-shore, under-water hills peaking up from beneath the sea to greet the denizens of the beach. The crowns of these hills are smoothed and slippery rock, making them dangerous to tread upon, and thus a hazard to the curious who would dare to try.