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  2.   2.  Culture
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Territory Statistics

StatusOPEN ?
Alternate TextIs your territory's name written in another alphabet, like Greek, Arabic or Cyrillic?
Name MeaningWhat the name of the territory means!
Name OriginWhere did your territory's name come from?
Date of FoundingWhen was your territory founded?
Primary SpeciesWhat are the dominant canine species here?
Luperci DominantAre the majority Luperci?
PopulationHow many Luperci live here?
ReligionWhat are the dominant belief systems?

Write a quick description of your territory here! You can go into detail in the following sections.

1.  Description

For a more detailed description of your territory, including what it looks like and what the climate is!

Photo by Berit from Redhill/Surrey, UK [CC BY 2.0 (]

2.  Culture

What is the culture here? Is it based on something you made up? A human culture like ancient Greece or Victorian Europe? Make sure it's within reason to the realism rules!

3.  Significance

Are there any significant characters or families on 'Souls from here? Did your family's ancestors come from here?

4.  References

  • If you have maps, links to things like Wikipedia articles, image references and more, you can put them here!
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