Paris, France

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesWolves, jackals, hybrids
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

Paris is a smaller-sized city in terms of population, but it is no less a noteworthy area for it. Paris is serviced by land-trading routes to Amsterdam and Berlin, as well smaller routes to Calais-Fr├ęthun, which provides a link across the English Channel to Portsmouth, and in turn, London.

"Traveling to London" is the most common excuse for an outsider in Paris, and there are numerous "hotels," places where canines can crash in exchange for some amount of material goods, usually run by a resident family of the building. Travelers will find few hospitable places to sleep indoors, otherwise-- many buildings are too dangerous to so much as enter.

2.  Culture

Paris is served by two very large parks--Bois de Vincennes, a 2,500-acre park, and the Bois de Boulogne, the latter of which is used almost like a farm for the various Luperci inhabitants of the city -- many of them keep herds of animals in a portion of the park. Still other parts of the park are wild and able to be used by hunting, though this too is controlled in order to keep wildlife populations stable -- e.g., living on the land or hunting for sport is strongly discouraged by vigilante justice.

Because of these two parks and its relatively small population, Paris could be considered a more affluent place, as life is easy here. The resident population is a wild mix of snobbish upper class and Bohemian lower and middle classes, often a source of hostility and hilarity for both travelers and residents alike. Paris has a large young population, as the city attracts many artful youth types, encouraged by the laid-back ease of Parisian lifestyle. The middle class is generally a farming class, arguably the best agrarian society in the world -- many formerly domesticated animals have been re-domesticated to some extent, though horses are not kept with as much success here as in Budapest.

Most canines in Paris are wolves, usually Common gray wolves if they are natives. There are quite a few wolf hybrids; dog blood is more common. European Jackals may be seen within the city limits, but few actually reside within Paris itself. The population is almost universally Luperci, although strangely enough, an odd troupe of Luperci choosing to live in their four-legged forms entirely have taken up residence in the open, public park.

3.  'Souls Significance

  • Chioma Monet was raised by her father in Paris after she was taken from Africa.

4.  More Reference

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