New Haven

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The classification of this region is request—if you wish to bring in a character to 'Souls from New Haven, you will need to request permission from its creator, Alex.

Territory Description + Name

New Haven is the name given to the human city of Quebec by its founder, Patriot. It was founded in 2004. Though it is mostly in good condition, twenty years of no maintenance has made several foundations of the buildings deteriorate. No big buildings have fallen yet, but several smaller ones have crumbled. It is still a very haphazard place as there is no real rules on living there—the rules of first come, first serve have caused virtually all of the resources to have been claimed already. And, if you are OOC'ly curious on why I chose this name, it was actually a mistake. In the first Metal Gear game, Solid Snake is sent to a fortified base-country named Outer Heaven that is run secretly by Big Boss. My memory was honestly so bad that Outer Heaven somehow became New Haven, and I was too lazy to change it. IC'ly, Patriot mostly named it out of ignorance of the human name and in irony. An ironic nickname that Sigint gave it is the "Silver City", trickling down to a nickname for the residents, "silverburghers".

History, Organization, Culture, Ect.

New Haven is, in essence, a military dictatorship.

Patriot founded New Haven in 2004—though several canines already called the city their home, he solidified power. He was a very charismatic leader, and one that virtually no one stood up to. Word spread around the area that a safe and powerful home was growing in the city and many flocked there. Though no formal censuses were ever taken, it was estimated that New Haven supported a Luperci population of over 300 individuals at its height.

While he was not an unfit leader, Patriot did get a little too accustomed to power. He reserved all the best resources for himself—territory, food, water, servants, soldiers, women, ect. He practiced pluralism (holding more than one official positions in the 'government'), nepotism (placing family or friends in positions of power), and generally corrupted much of his settlement. After several months, many left due to the chaos that was beginning to ensue as many went a little crazy with power. In order to counteract this and maintain his own power, Patriot created his own personal secret police, the Cell. He used them to generally clear up those that created too much noise or stood up to him.