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  1.   1.  Notable Families
  2.   2.  Notable Packs
    1.   2.1  Gartenwehr
    2.   2.2  Huis Oranje
    3.   2.3  Diebesgilde
    4.   2.4  Tacir
    5.   2.5  Wildes Land

Territory Statistics

Name Meaning"By the monks' place"
Name OriginOld High German
Primary SpeciesWolves and dogs.
Luperci DominantYes

Munich is the capital and largest city of the German state of Bavaria. It is located on the River Isar north of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is the third largest city in Germany, behind Berlin and Hamburg. It is well preserved, with pockets of wildlife in the city and past the city boundaries. In addition to this, Munich is situated in a comfortable position, in the middle of a trade triangle made up Paris, Bucharest and Berlin. What the city's inhabitants do not produce for themselves, comes from either of these three cities.

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1.  Notable Families

  • Köhler- Before his "betrayal", Dieter led the pack Gartenwehr with Max Göring.
  • Göring- Max lead Gartenwehr with Dieter Köhler, and was technically leader up until his death.
  • Westermann- Julian is currently the leader of Gartenwehr, he succeeded Max Göring. This was a favourable move.
  • Persie- The Persie family make up the vast majority of the Huis Oranje pack. While the main hub of the pack is actually locate in the town of Rain, seventy miles away, many members live in the unclaimed portion of the city.

2.  Notable Packs

2.1  Gartenwehr


The pack is lead by two leaders, the Ersteführer and the Zweitenführer. The rest of the pack is made up of five rings of membership. For lowest to highest, Rekrut, Soldat, Wache, Ritter and Kapitän. The lowest two ranks are made of the Prüfling, the newest pack members and the Bewährung, the members on probation. The pack has various co-ranks for any situation.


Gartenwehr takes up most of the Schwabing district, both Freimann and West, and Altstadt-Lehel. The main den is located in the Rumford-Saal, in the Englisher Garten, this is the only inhabited section in either the South or North part of the Garden, as it has long been designated hunting ground. Hunting is restricted to the upper few, the lower ranks hunt in other parks outside of the territory.

2.2  Huis Oranje


The pack is lead by the Koning and Prins (Alternatively Koningin and Prinses). Like their rivals Gartenwehr, there pack is made up of five main rings, with male and female equivalents. From lowest to highest, Knecht and Meid, Vrij Man and Vrije Vrouw, Heer and Dame, Graaf and Gravin, and finally, Hertog and Hertogin. Their lowest ranks are Vooruitzichten for prospective members and Verrader, the traitor rank.


Their territory is situated in the town of Rain, seventy miles away from Munich, and pushes past the town boundary for a few miles. The pack's membership is split roughly half and half between Rain and in Allach, a northwestern borough of Munich.

2.3  Diebesgilde


The ranks here are the simplest in the city. It is lead by one Meisterdieb. The Meisterdieb is "aided" by his or her Zweitedieb. Every other member is simply a Dieb. They have no Omega rank, as any one who spites them is either turned away or killed.


They have no set territory in all actuality, they move around the city. But the Meisterdieb and his Zweitedieb, reside in the main Headquarter in Sendling.

2.4  Tacir


Tacir is headed by three leaders, the Baş and two Alt Lideri. It is made up of three member ranks, Vatandaş, Sadık and Güvenilen. Below that there is only their Omega rank, Pislik.


Tacir reside within Ludwigsvorstadt, specifically in what was formerly (and technically still is) the Turkish district.

2.5  Wildes Land


There is no structure, because there is no pack, but bands of loners. It's a calm free for all and it's regarded as one of the most peaceful places in the city.


The Wildes Land is designated as Fürstenried, most specifically the extreme south as it is served by a large park. As there is no real pack here, simply bands of loners, this is not pack territory. The loners here tend to be welcoming and it is likely that not everyone you see here is a feral. Most of the area is badly maintained and wildlife has taken over tenfold.