Mount Desert Island

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A secluded island in the state of Maine holding an average amount of Luperci that are mostly dogs or dog-hybrids.

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Statistics & Foundation

Primary Map

  • Haven
  • de Alva
  • Forrester


  • Location: Southern Maine
  • Status: REQUEST. More Information
  • Demonym: Mount Desert Islander, Mount Deserter
  • Languages Spoken: English
  • Influences: Dogs left from the age of humans are predominant on the island.
  • Archetype (Group): Semi-humanized, traders, explorers, sailors
  • Archetypes (Individuals): Semi-humanized, feral, explorers, hunters, trappers, sailors, merchants,
  • Foundation: ~2005
  • Species: Dog (85%) Wolf (15%)
  • Population: ~40-60 (80%+ Luperci)
  • Leader: None, although the Haven family controls the most territory.

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  1.   1.  Essentials
    1.   1.1  Geography
    2.   1.2  Sand Beach
    3.   1.3  Bar Harbor
    4.   1.4  Acadia National Park
    5.   1.5  Long Pond
    6.   1.6  Climate
  2.   2.  Culture
    1.   2.1  Species
    2.   2.2  Outsider Relations & Travel
  3.   3.  Structure
    1.   3.1  Leaders
    2.   3.2  Law & Justice
  4.   4.  Minor Crimes
  5.   5.  Major Crimes
  6.   6.  Religion
  7.   7.  History
    1.   7.1  Significance
    2.   7.2  History
  8.   8.  Notes & References
    1.   8.1  Quick Reference Index
    2.   8.2  Notes

1.  Essentials

1.1  Geography

An isolated island on the southern coast of Maine, Mount Desert Island had previously been left to the elements for a time before Luperci began exploring the area. The various small towns have been mostly taken over by nature at this point, and the buildings are in varying states of disrepair.

The island boasts of some beautiful scenery, with coniferous forests, tall hills overlooking the rocky coast, marshlands, and small fishing towns aplenty. The small island has a port located on Frenchman Bay in the city of Bar Harbor.

1.2  Sand Beach

1.3  Bar Harbor

One of the few sandy beaches on Mount Desert, Sand Beach, located on the eastern edge of the island, is generally controlled by the Haven family, although travelers are generally welcome in the area.

The most populated city on the island, the Haven family has the most influence here, turning the city into a small port for sailors, fishermen, and traders alike. The houses near the coast are generally the most broken-down, while ones near the forest are in better shape. The Haven family has claimed the Bar Harbor Club as a boarder house, taking in weary travelers as well as holding meetings there for all of the families and taking residence there. There are also harbors for incoming merchants, sailors, and fishermen.

1.4  Acadia National Park

1.5  Long Pond

A national park on the island, spanning the island from Somes Sound, to the northeast corner, to Seal Cove Pond, down to Seal Harbor, and to the southeastern coast. Most of the park is either shared by the island families or considered neutral territory.

A lake on the west side of the island. It is the largest, and a popular spot for fishermen and the Forrester family. Surrounded by forests on all sides, the area is home to Luperci on the more feral side, although there are still some houses on the water's edge from human times that some Luperci have repaired and inhabit.

1.6  Climate

Mount Desert typically has a continental climate, with warm, humid summers and cold, snowy winters, although the island is generally moderated by the ocean and are not as divided between seasons as cities inland.

The island's coast.

2.  Culture

The Culture of Mount Desert is varied. Some of the more feral Luperci on the island prefer the natural forests, while the more humanized Luperci take up residence in the scattered towns and houses on the island. The three ruling families, Haven, de Alva, and Forrester, control three different parts, called Factions, of islander life.

The Havens rule over the Merchant Faction and are in control of the supply of the island's resources as well as trading agreements and alliances. They are the main Faction that have the eastern part of the island from Bar Harbor down to Eagle Lake and Seal Harbor. Most Luperci who live under the Havens have generally adopted more humanized lives, as well as have the most cultural mixture due to traders and merchants.

The de Alva family heads the Protection Faction, taking the northern part of the island and guarding the bridge that connects it to the mainland, regulating travelers, and acting as the police force of the island. Luperci of this Faction are the most varied, with some acting humanized and some preferring a feral way of life. Territory borders are not enforced as much as the others, as they have clearance to move from all three parts of the island.

The Forresters are in charge of the Hunter Faction, which produce the natural resources like meat, furs, and building materials. They are the general laborers of the island, but most of the Luperci in this Faction choose to live feral lives. Their territory spans from Long Pond down to the southwest coast.

The factions can intermix, leading to a more equal and varied society as of late compared to the distinct divisions of the past.

2.1  Species

Most of the canines found here are dogs left from the human extinction, although more recently wolves have found their way here and have started interbreeding.

Luperci & Shifting

Most Luperci are not biased against Non-Luperci, although most of the canines on the island prefer the Optime form.


The islanders are parted about 60/40 for humanized vs. feral. Most Luperci of the Merchant Faction are more humanized than the others as a result of more contact with the outside world, while the Hunter Faction prefer more feral lives. However, some merchants, traders, and wanderers from more advanced cities have begun to filter into the island's populace, along with their craft.

Most Luperci take up human residences, wear clothing, and use tools either salvaged from human cities or are Luperci-built.

Practices & Traditions

2.2  Outsider Relations & Travel


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Because of the level of isolation the island has compared to other places, the canines among Mount Desert Island are very close-knit, and generally view outsiders as

3.  Structure

3.1  Leaders

The Haven family leader is the called the Head, and is responsible for overseeing the Merchant Faction,

3.2  Law & Justice

The island justice system is similar to a court system, where a case is presented to the leader of the respective faction by a defendant and the case is made between the accuser and accused. Witnesses may be called, but ultimately only the leader may give the final verdict. Crimes are varied in sentence severity as follows:

4.  Minor Crimes

Minor crimes are acts that do not bring unnecessary harm or disorder to the island's economy or people. Crimes include invasion of privacy, lying, cheating, and conning someone.

5.  Major Crimes

Major crimes are acts done with the intent to bring harm to another, their faction, family, or the island as a whole. Crimes include murder, inflicting fatal wounds, injury with the intent of infection, rape, stealing, and destroying another's property.

6.  Religion

Most Luperci are free to practice any religion they like, but most islanders follow the Jewish faith. The individual beliefs differ for each faction, family, and individual.

7.  History

7.1  Significance

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7.2  History

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8.  Notes & References

8.1  Quick Reference Index


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("altar") The single deity revered by Eternian religious canines.

8.2  Notes


  • Creator: Legacy — see Wiki page for contact information.
  • Status: REQUEST.
    • You do have to contact me before making a character born or lived in this area for a while. I'm not picky about who I let in, though. =)


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