Montagne Orientali

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  Mount Alusia
    2.   2.2  Conquest Bluff
    3.   2.3  Enigma Peak
    4.   2.4  Ashen Mountain
    5.   2.5  Souls Passage
    6.   2.6  Area 93


1.  Description

The Montagne Orientali, or "Western Mountains" was a catch-all term for the mountain range containing Conquest Bluff, Enigma Peak, and Mount Alusia. Ashen Mountain was not included in the Montagne Orientali, as Jaded Shadows had already claimed the mountain to the north and it was split and separate from the rest of the mountains. Area 93 was originally a part of the Luminous Sanctuary, but during a territory reshuffling or something, it was shunted to the mountains.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  Mount Alusia

Mount Alusia
Square Miles4.5
Elevation5529 ft
Colour Code#D9D9D9
Mount Alusia is a rather small mountain, appearing far larger than it actually is. It covers a very small area, and rises gently to form a very round, dull mountain. Around its base, many smaller hills and rocky outcroppings jut from the ground. It is covered with gnarled pine trees and has thin, rocky soil. There isn't much prey to be found here, aside from the squirrels, which are in abundance... but what self-respecting wolf wants to survive on squirrels? It's one of the extremity territories of 'Souls, not often visited by the wolves of the packs.

2.2  Conquest Bluff

Conquest Bluff
Square Miles4.7
Elevation10,024 ft
Colour Code#545454
Conquest Bluff is definitely the most intimidating of the mountains. Its peak is covered with snow and ice at all times during the year, the sub-alpine temperatures providing little sustenance to anything but the roughest variety of cedar pines and wildflowers in the brief summer when the ice and snow melt. There is little to no ground vegetation, since the temperature drops so severely above a certain elevation. Conquest Bluff is a rarely visited area of Bleeding Souls--the elevation and thin air are dangerous enough, but the mere appearance of sheer rock, ice, and snow is enough for most wolves to take a second thought about climbing this monster.

2.3  Enigma Peak

Enigma Peak
Square Miles6.2
Elevation6,549 ft
Colour Code#ADADAD
Enigma Peak appears to be a high but in reality, it's actually a stumpy sort of mountain. It isn't extremely high, and isn't much of a hike to get over. There are a few waterfalls scattered throughout the mountain, as well as a few underground lakes. Water trickles down from this mountain down into Hell's Coast, feeding the ocean with fresh water in certain places. It also feeds a very large fenced reservoir at its base, which had, in its time, provided the ruined city with a water supply. The fence is broken in parts and is an easily accessible and fresh water supply.

2.4  Ashen Mountain

Deprecated. This area was claimed by Jaded Shadows after they made the move from what would later become Âmes de la Mort and changed their name from Shadowed Stars.

2.5  Souls Passage

Deprecated. Souls Passage was sort of a subterritory before we really had subterritories. It wasn't a forum or a truly playable territory at any point, just the safest, quickest route through the eastern mountain range to the coast that didn't cut directly through Jaded Shadows land or end up right on Inferni land. Souls passage was mostly without vegetation, and filled with dusty, dirty large rocks, with high cliffs on either side. Bones of many animals littered the earth here, perhaps unfortunates who had fallen from the heights above to their death. We eventually got rid of it from the map, though it exists on some of the much older versions.

2.6  Area 93

Area 93
Square Miles3.3
Colour Code#800000
Designed ByJasanni
In the mountain range, there lies a desolate compound, long abandoned and left to decay. Rusted barbed wire surrounds the former military air base, decaying signs swaying from collapsing nails warning of the dangers of trespassing. Countless decrepit vehicles and airplanes litter the base, and the large steel doors protecting the inner mazes of the main buildings hang desolately from their hinges. The ground upon which the compound sits is all concrete, preventing anything from tunneling under the gates. However, the wire and fences are old and bent, and animals of various sizes can slink beneath the protective circle, tufts of fur here and there attesting to those brave souls who've passed before. Only the most adventurous of wolves dare enter here, for there is more death within these acres than in all the Concrete Jungle.


  • Originally part of the Luminous Sanctuary (while it was still a territory rather than a subterritory). It was moved to the mountains during a territory reshuffle or something.