Malai Ratree

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Culture
  3.   3.  History
  4.   4.  Significant Characters


StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~2006
Primary SpeciesWolves, dogs, jackals
Luperci DominantYes
Population~50 permanent
Malai Ratree



1.  Description

Located on the remnants of Yachats, Oregon, the canines here are a number of imports from all over. The Siuslaw National Park, a massive stretch of wilderness, borders the eastern side of the city, and the canines from Malai Ratree have flourished thanks to their proximity to it. The western side of the city is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, which provides an important source of food (fish) for the canines here as well.

2.  Culture

These canines are hybrids for the most part. Their ancestry varies wildly from foreign wolves, Russian and Asian in origin; all manner of dogs from everywhere; and local coyotes and wolves. They are pretty well-adapted to human technology. Many of their founding canines traveled by boat some years ago, settled down, and flourished.

3.  History

Sunan Ratree, a Eurasian wolf/Akita cross, was one of the founding canines, along with Russian Ninka Olik, a Borzoi-Samoyed cross, were the the mated pair heading the expedition. Their motley crew consisted of several other hybrids, jackals, dogs, and wolves, and they all came over from Thailand in a very rickety boat on an extremely dangerous adventure. They settled in the first awesome spot they found, half the crew dead from underpreparation or sickness.

4.  Significant Characters

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