Lightning Bay

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Trivia
  3.   3.  Subterritories
    1.   3.1  Thunder Island
    2.   3.2  Die Bohrung
Lightning Bay
Square Miles3.4
Colour Code#FFD800

1.  Description

The Lightning Bay territory's strange, curled shape extends around the outside of the small saltwater bay that houses Thunder Island. Lightning Bay is a treacherous territory, covered with sharp, slippery rocks. Small caves and alcoves litter spaces between the rocks, safe havens during low tide... but death traps during high tide. The beach here is rougher, made of a larger, less fine grain than the sands of Hell's Coast. A large sand bar runs from the end of Lightning Bay almost all of the way over to Thunder Island. One can get to Thunder Island this way without ever getting more than one's knees wet.

2.  Trivia

3.  Subterritories

3.1  Thunder Island

Thunder Island
Square Miles1.2
Colour Code#506489

Thunder Island is the only territory in Bleeding Souls that is not connected to the mainland; it is separated from Hell's Coast by a few hundred feet of usually calm water. Making one's way to Thunder Island is not extremely difficult; one need only know how to keep afloat. Actually entering the island, however, may prove difficult. It is surrounded by a sheer rock face of about ten feet, impossible to jump over for even the tallest werewolf, and the only passage way is around, facing toward the ocean, where a narrow cut has been carved between the rocks by a shallow stream. Once inside, however, one can find a quiet, peaceful paradise of sparse grasses. It is one of the few places one can usually remain uninterrupted in thought, if one wishes; or, it can be a place of seclusion and quiet for two.

3.2  Die Bohrung

Nearly twenty miles away from Thunder Island sits another island, referred to as Die Bohrung. A large and rusted drawbridge connects this Island to the main land, though it is quite a walk across. Amidst the twenty acre island sits a large building, surrounded by rotted shrubs and a rusty chain link fence which has been broken open with wear and force over the years. On the outside the plant life has grown over, much resembling that of a deep jungle or a forest, complete with vines that creep over the large stone wall that divides the fence and the building. With towers rising to nearly one hundred and twenty five feet, the 800,000 square foot building blocks out the ocean for miles. Die Bohrung was once home to the not-so-friendly of the human race, a large penitentiary with cells upon cells lining each floor of the building. The inside is littered with skeletons and lined with thick dust but for the most part it has been kept clean over the years, though it was easy to become lost in the catacombs of the prison.