Kiev, Ukraine

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesSteppe Wolf, Common Gray Wolf
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

Kiev is home to several packs that are situated on the Dnieper River, and the river is well-used for fishing within the resident population. The western half of the city lies in ruin; there is virtually nothing salvageable to the west of the Dnieper, and already wilderness has begun to reclaim parts of the destroyed city. The eastern half of the city fared much better, although the religious Luperci do not utilize the more intact dwellings to the east of the river; Steppe wolves are more frequently seen in these parts, scavenging for human tidbits and remnants.

2.  Culture

Many of the permanent residents of the city prefer to live in their four-legged forms, though most of them shift and some remain in their Optime forms, as well. This has been kept pretty well-preserved in terms of culture due to Kiev's relatively isolated location.

2.1  Religion

The Dnieper is very important to the lifestyle of the city's permanent inhabitants. There are numerous churches and cathedrals leftover from human times in Kiev, and the canines here are generally very religious, regarding the river as something of a deity. Numerous elements of their beliefs reflect slavic mythology. The canines have a particular reverence for the ability to shift and their Luperci nature -- they refer to their Luperci forms differently than most Luperci, preferring:

  • Svarog for their Lupus form.
  • Svarožič for their Secui form.
  • Dažbog for their Optime form.

Although the Steppe Wolves are native to this area and many have a permanent home of sorts around Kiev, the Common Gray Wolf is a much more common sight and most of the article's culture refers to their specific population. Most of the Common Gray Wolves separate themselves from the Steppe Wolves to some extent, fearing their culture becoming tainted by outside sources. There is no animosity between the two populations, however.

Steppe wolves are generally out roaming and trading, though some choose to maintain a permanent home in Kiev. Common Golden Jackals may also be found in this area, although they are rare.

3.  Significance

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4.  More Reference

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