Hellfire Hollow

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  2.   2.  Caves
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1.  Description

Hidden in the shadow of Ashen Mountain is a vast cave system where many coyotes make their home. The main cavern is large, its ceiling 25 feet (8 meters) tall. A large quartz growth hunkers in its farthest corner. The entrances branch off into several tunnels and caverns of varying sizes and depth in the earth, where coyotes are welcome to stake their own den claims. Deeper rooms, dry and consistent of temperature, are used for storage or triage to keep goods and patients protected from the elements.

1.1  Images

2.  Caves

2.1  Claiming a Cave

  1. Feel free to claim unoccupied residences. The procedure is simple! Look over at the map. Pick a residence.
  2. Find the number of the residence on this page, check that it's not occupied, unavailable, unlivable, etc. While not a hard-and-fast rule, larger caverns typically should be used for families and groups of coyotes.
  3. You need only edit the page and write in your claim -- or post to the Inferni Maintenance thread if you're not comfortable editing the Wiki.
  4. Please keep your description to less than 100 words. You are absolutely welcome to link to a longer description, but keep it short on this page, please.
  5. If you leave Inferni, we can't guarantee your residence will be available when you rejoin the clan.

2.2  Livable

CAVE Occupant Description Former Occupant(s)

Main Floor

M1 Ichabod Bertram A solitary hollow in the mountain with smooth, sloping walls. It’s entrance is somewhat concealed from prying eyes, covered by overgrown shrubbery and a ragged tarp. --
M2 Vesper Cozy, dry den with a low ceiling just within the cave system's secondary entrance. A bed of old pelts and dried grasses is tucked into the corner, half-hidden behind a stout stalagmite. --
M3 Laurel del Bosque & Canary Cash A good den for roommates thanks to its natural division, with a deeper alcove on one side that allows for storage space. --
M4 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
M5 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
M8 Main Cavern The main cavern is large, its ceiling 25 feet (8 meters) tall. A large quartz growth hunkers in its farthest corner. The entrances branch off into several tunnels and caverns of varying sizes and depth in the earth. --
M9 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
M10 Communal Storage A moderate sized cavern with a low-sloping floor. The walls are rough and covered in "cave popcorn", but sound and dry, perfect for bottles and bundles of all sorts of stores. Racks have been set up on the more even ground to accommodate salvaged blankets and hides for medical uses. The back edges of the room work almost like natural shelving, with tiered cracks and juts from stone. --

Upper Floor

U1 Nazario del Bosque (Up to player) --
U2 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
U3 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
U6 Clover Small, round, almost bowl-shaped den overlooking the main entrance. It features a dusty floor and a pillaged "nest" of old pelts and blankets. --
U7 Tletica Lykoi This den has a sandy floor and short curtains of "cave bacon" flowstone hanging from the ceiling. --
U8 Conrad Nielssen Straightforward, smaller-sized den with "bumpy" walls. A shallow dip in the floor provides for a comfortable bedding area. --
U9 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
U10 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
U11 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
U12 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --

Lower Floor

L9 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
L10 Briarblack (Up to player) --
L11 Medical Cavern A spacious, wide and dry cavern with flat floors. The room is split by a formation jutting from the wall, but otherwise has been outfitted as a makeshift triage - the smaller part of the room divided off has been converted to storage, filled with jars and pouches for poultices and bandages. --
L12 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --
L13 Unclaimed! (Up to player) --

2.3  Inaccessible

Blocked off

M6 -- -- --
M7 -- -- --
M11 -- -- --
M12 -- -- --
M13 -- -- --
M14 -- -- --
U4 -- -- --
U5 -- -- --
L1 -- -- --
L2 -- -- --
L3 -- -- --
L4 -- -- --
L5 -- -- --
L6 -- -- --
L7 -- -- --
L8 -- -- --


I1 -- A small pit that seems to have been a narrow linkage between M1 and M4, though a cave in has rendered the pathway unusable and far too small for any use to be made if opened up. --
I2 -- A deep pit reaching lower into the caves. The round room has been closed off from a cave-in, and has also flooded. --
I3 -- "The Cuticles", branches of a cavern reaching upward on a jagged and rough terrain. The ceiling has opened in places where the branches reach the furthest, though the closed-off and deep-gashed floors catch any weather and water that leaks inside. --
I4 -- A channel of small and connected rooms behind immovable rock - they're cramped and the ceilings so low that they are not habitable. --
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