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  2.   2.  Rules & Usage
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Map showing Grimrun

by Alaine

by Alaine

» See Marrgerd for Salsola’s communal horses and livestock

Grimrun is a horse stable and reconstructed farm built for the sole purpose of furthering Salsola's breeding program. The animals who make up this populous are pack animals, but not all are trained to work – many exist for the singular purpose of furthering Salsola's already thriving herd.

The barn itself is fashioned much in the style of Salsola's previous project, Marrgerd, though a larger emphasis was placed on pasture placement and agricultural growth.

Horses are turned out in the pastures during the day, though are brought in overnight. Stallions, pregnant or nursing mares, or animals with medical issues are restricted to the corrals.

The horses kept in Marrgerd are owned by the pack, and Salsola's most valuable possessions. Members are permitted to use them for personal use, though because of their unique and identifiable looks, most of these horses are obviously “Salsolan” by design. Their worth is impressed upon those who do handle the animals.

The artwork featured on this page comes courtesy of Alaine. <3

Livestock on Location
Large livestock


1.  Pauson Horse

A several-year ongoing project begun in 2012 and spearheaded by Boss Salvia Eternity to develop a distinctive, hardy Northern breed, the Pauson horse is Salsola’s unique creation. Noted for their pale mane and tails, dappled coats, enhanced agility and sturdy footing, these valuable animals are the pride of the Thistle Kingdom.


The Pauson breed is heavily influenced by the wild northern horse populations in Nova Scotia, but also maintains a direct bloodline traceable back to purebred Rocky Mountain stock. The Pauson standard is generally considered to be a Baroque horse, and is agile but sturdy.


A true Pauson horse is a medium to large breed. Although the breed’s conformation resembles, in many aspects, a light draft horse, Pauson stock animals are incredibly light on their feet, with exceptional balance and reflexes. The average height for the breed is about 15.3 hands (63 inches, 160 cm), although it may vary from 14.2 to 17 hands (58 to 68 inches, 147 to 173 cm) at the withers. The horse is expected to have a long, relatively thick neck, maintained at a suitable arch. The heads are expressive and intelligent, with Spanish influence resulting in a sharp dished appearance and small, shell-curved ears. Long, sturdy legs with minimal feathering support a robust overall frame. The Pauson is noted for having a soft winter coat and a short, sleek summer coat; It can often grow an excessively long mane and tail, but does not have much feathering on its legs to prevent them from being snared on thick underbrush.


Although founded from the fiery temper of a select warmblood stud, the Pauson has been bred for a manageable, if responsive, temperament. Although not necessarily docile, the breed is eagerly trainable, and will respond well to an experienced horse owner. As with any breed, the Pauson line has a fair amount of variety with the personality and drive of each horse differing uniquely; However, by and large, the Pauson is an extremely intelligent (and accordingly high-strung) steed, and not necessarily the best option for first-time horse owners.


With its bloodline heavily grounded in the Rocky Mountain horse, an animal bred for its agile and dexterous nature in the unforgiving terrain of the Appalachian Mountains, the Pauson breed is infamous for its goatlike surefootedness. The breed is extremely adaptable to any setting, and as long as its hooves are appropriately maintained, a Pauson horse is capable of incredible feats of endurance over uneven land. The breed is noted for its remarkable intelligence and canniness, which likely comes from the large bloodline influence of the cunning wild northern horse herds.


The standard coloration of the Pauson horse is most commonly referred to as a Black Silver dapple. This refers largely to the horse's’ mane and tail, which must be flaxen and of a lighter color than the base coat. True breed-standard horses are preferred to have a dark grey/charcoal/black coat, with a silvery mane and tail. Typically, the appearance of lighter rings (dapples) of hair occurs in these dark pelts to varying degrees - some animals may have noticeable dappling, while others may appear as flat, uniform color. Although less preferable than the darker base coloring, lighter horses may also be acceptable for registering and breeding, requiring that their base pelt color is desaturated enough to provide good camouflage in the cool-toned northern landscape. Flaxen-mane chestnuts or bright bays born to Pauson stock (which is a rare incident) may be disqualified for breeding purposes, as these red-toned horses do not follow the general Pauson standard for coloration are highly undesirable for furthering the breed. Even so, the richer color does not affect the performance or nature of the horse, and these color cast-outs are still valuable riding animals.

  • Black Silver -- The traditional Pauson horse is a Black Silver throw, meaning that the dam and sire of the foal are both dark-coated SD dominant animals. These genetics will result in a dark slate, grey, charcoal or black foal with a flaxen mane and tail. Infrequently, the horse may have a dark bay base, which will lighten to a desaturated chocolate with flaxen mane and tail. These brown-toned Pauson horses are still acceptable by breed standards, although they should not display any high levels of reddishness in the overall coat coloration.
  • Gold Silver -- Gold is a misleading term by and large; in the winter months, these horses lighten dramatically as their pelts thicken. Some may even go allowably “white” over winter, though darken back to palomino or grey in their base coat come spring. Provided that the animal is desaturated enough in color (meaning, exempt of strong reddish hues) they are still breed-acceptable and available for Stud, although the coloring is not as desirable as the darker-based horses.
    • The possibility for this breed to throw coats with red tones is not unreasonable, but would require a horse with both dominant and recessive red genes in their coat.


On the face: (WHITE MARKINGS) Blaze, Stripe, Stripe (or thin blaze) and snip, Irregular blaze, Interrupted stripe, Faint star, Star, Star and strip, irregular star, snip, lip marking Mask coloration (dark coloration on ears, muzzles, and around eyes)

On the legs: (WHITE MARKINGS) Stocking, Sock or Boot, Fetlock or Sock. Bottom row, Pastern, Coronet, Partial Pastern Mask point coloration (dark coloration on all extremities)

On the body: Dappled coat Solid coat only?



Although the Pauson breed is generally lenient with variants such as size, muscular build and temperament, there are some traits that will disqualify an animal from being in the breed registry. Breeding anomalies such as a roman nose, heavily feathered hocks, excessively shaggy coats, excessively heavy builds or excessively slender builds are all disallowed within Pauson breeding stock. True Pauson horses must maintain a friesian-esque build, with an appropriately strong chest and spine, without delving too far into shire-like proportions.


Generally accepting of most white-based markings, the Pauson registry has few exceptions to this rule, most based on genetic preference. Bald face (in which the majority of the horse’s head is white), Bend-Or Spots, and tobiano/Paint markings are restricted from breeding studs or re-contributing to the breed.


Body spots (rare Sabino-gene carriers)

2.  Rules & Usage

2.1  Rules

  • These communal animals may be used for any purposes and by any member in or above the Central ranks.
  • Note that trading or killing these animals is barred.
    • If you are unsure about using a horse, please send a message to Leadership!
  • Other communal horses and all livestock are stabled within Marrgerd.
  • Salsola adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.

2.2  Breeding

  • (More information coming soon.)

2.3  Stalls

  • 17:
  • 18:
  • 19:
  • 20:
  • 21:
  • 22:
  • 23:
  • 24:

3.  Horses

3.1  Stallions

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Stallion 2013 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider trained warhorse. Exceptional endurance.
  • Personality: Highly alert, very curious.
  • Description: Palomino bred in the Bay Horses herds. Branded.
  • Notes:
    • Altan is an experienced war-horse, and not recommended for inexperienced riders.
  • Taken from Drifter Bay during the 2014 foal round-up.
  • Bred to Dusk
  • Received strict warhorse training from Osrath
  • Was ridden into battle during the Second Boreas War by Lokr Revlis
  • Sired Siofra in 2016.
  • Sired Alecto in 2018.
  • Sired Tanya in 2020.


Stallion 2013 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Riding, pulling a cart. Drogo is very strong and requires a firm hand to lead him.
  • Personality: Headstrong, fearless.
  • Description: A dappled Cod Gray in coloration, with a mane and tail of Westar. He is very large, with a conformation closer to his draft horse origins.
  • Born to Blanche and Black.
  • Sired Brody in 2016.
  • Sired Gulliver and Zephyr in 2018.
  • Sired Sabine in 2020.


Stallion 2017 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider trained.
  • Personality: Responsive, Aggressive, Reactive
  • Description: A dappled silver-black with a pale mane and tail. Though currently short, his mane and tail are likely to fill in with proper nutrition and care.
  • Notes:
    • Lack of riding has made him more difficult to control. Janko requires a fearless handler and one alert enough to manage his moody spells. He will eventually grow out of this with proper training.
  • Acquired by Fort Preble and brought to Salsola for its Decennial Birthday in 2021.


Stallion 2018 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Riding
  • Personality: A bully, though can be put in his place by the proper handler.
  • Description: Dark silver bay, hardy. Gulliver is on the heavy end of his breed.
  • Notes:
    • Gulliver is undergoing war-horse training. He currently lacks experience and discipline, but shows promise.
  • Born in 2018 to Zita, sired by Drogo.
  • Began war-horse training in 2021.
  • Sired Parvati in 2021.


Stallion 2018 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Riding
  • Personality: Easily distracted.
  • Description: Silver black destrier. Has a white star marking on his forehead.
  • Notes:
    • Zephyr is underoing messenger training to increase his stamina and speed.
  • Born in 2018 to Astrid, sired by Drogo.
  • Began messenger training in 2021.
  • Sired Cirrus in 2021.

3.2  Mares

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Mare 2010 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider trained, packhorse trained. Is used to traveling in merchant caravans with other horses - excellent stamina, moderate speed. Can carry heavy loads. Good health - will make a good broodmare.
  • Personality: Can be feisty, but Dovere is generally an easy-going mare. She is brave, and does not spook easily. Excellent horse for medium/high skilled riders, may require supervision for novices.
  • Description: A well-built animal, indicating good care and bloodlines. Sports a beautiful dapple grey coat, with a silvery mane.
  • Notes:
    • The name 'Dovere' is Italian for 'duty'.
    • Is a high-percentage Andulasian mare. Carries herself well, with arched neck and high steps.
  • Was traded for by Lokr Revlis in Freetown from a merchant from Chesapeake. An expensive animal to buy!
  • Gave birth to Fingal in 2016.
  • Gave birth to Domino in 2018.
  • Gave birth to Antonia in 2020.


Mare 2012 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Riding; extremely fast! ZOOM!
  • Personality: Skittish around loud noises, high-strung, works best with a calm and confidant rider
  • Description: She is a glossy Zeus in coloration, with a mane and tail of Westar. Iskra is very fast. She is frequently used by Salsolans who know how to ride and would like to get somewhere quickly.
  • Notes:
    • Iskra is a one of Salsola's favorite horses, and is a little spoiled.
    • Currently foaling Cirrus, born spring 2021, cannot be separated
  • Born to Misty and Black.
  • Trained extensively as a horse for fast travel/messengers, rather than battle.
  • Gave birth to Alecto in 2018.
  • Gave birth to Cirrus in 2021.


Mare 2014 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Rider trained, easy-going mare; is a good horse for beginner or intermediate riders who may not be completely certain of themselves.
  • Personality: Calm, friendly, food-driven.
  • Description: Silver bay, heavier-build horse. Born very dark with seal points, has browned as she ages.
  • Born in May 2014 to Blanche and Black
  • Was trained by Osrath [1] [m]
  • Gave birth to Valerio in 2020.


Mare 2018 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Riding
  • Personality: Cautious. She has good senses and seems almost hyper-aware of danger.
  • Description: Silver bay, rich coloring with an exceptionally pale mane and tail.
  • Notes:
    • Praxis is underoing messenger training to increase her stamina and speed.
  • Born in 2018 to Dusk, sired by Black.
  • Began messenger training in 2021.


Mare 2016 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Fast, hardy.
  • Personality: Very courageous, friendly.
  • Description: Dark dappled palomino with three white socks and a blaze. Will stay a darker golden color even as she ages.
  • Born in 2016 to Dusk, sired by Altan.
  • Gave birth to Hyperion in 2020.


Mare 2012 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Riding, cart-trained.
  • Personality: Friendly, very calm.
  • Description: Primarily Chamois in coloration, with darker seal-points of Shadow. She has a stocking on her left hind foot and socks on the rest. Her mane and tail are Parchment. Zaria is very large, with a conformation closer to her draft horse origins. She seems to have a good deal of stamina.
  • Born to Horse and Black.
  • Gave birth to Kurogane in 2018.
  • Gave birth to Tanya in 2020.


Mare 2015 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Basic training. Good at cutting and turning.
  • Personality: Cautious of Luperci. Seems mentally "quick", picks things up easily, but is likely to disobey a less dominant rider.
  • Description: Silver black bred in the Bay Horses herds with white markings. Unbranded.
  • Notes:
    • Originally feral, Zita shows higher levels of anxiety around unfamiliar or threatening predators.
  • Zita was born in the Ash Herd.
  • In the late winter of 2016, Zita was claimed and brought to Salsola by Salvia Eternity and Scorpius D'Angelo.
  • Gave birth to Gulliver in 2018.
  • Gave birth to Sabine in 2020.

3.3  Yearlings & Foals

Icon Gender DOB Tags About History


Stallion Spring 2020 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Personality: Shows the fearlessness expected of a war horse, which he will be trained to become.
  • Description: Fast and hardy, on the heavier end of Calvary style. Silver bay.
  • Born in 2020 to Siofra, sired by Black.


Mare Spring 2020 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Personality: Friendly but reactive — she will kick and stomp things if they spook her.
  • Description: A medium-sized horse best suited for casual pleasure-rides. Silver black, with splashy white tobiano markings.
  • Born in 2020 to Zita, sired by Drogo.


Stallion Spring 2020 [NT!]


  • Abilities: Unknown
  • Personality: He will develop a stubborn personality, but prove to be fiercely dedicated to his handlers.
  • Description: Silver grey, minimal markings with vivid dapples. Born dark, but is lightening to a steel grey as he ages.
  • Born in 2020 to Orna, sired by Onyx


Colt Spring 2021 [NT!]
  • Abilities: Is a baby!
  • Personality: High-strung and eager, not as spooky as his dam
  • Description: Born pitch-black with glossy highlights, and a silvery mane and tail. Has one white sock on his right hind leg, a white star between his eyes, and a white snip on his nose.
  • Born to Iskra, sired by Zephyr.
  • Bred to be a fast scouting or messenger horse, and as such is lighter in structure than most Pausons.


Filly Spring 2021 [NT!]
  • Abilities: Is a baby!
  • Personality: Quiet and docile with luperci, pushy and dominant with other horses.
  • Description: Born dark but quickly greying as she ages. Has a bay base, and will grow to be a rose grey. Three white legs, pale mane and tail. Sturdy with minor feathering and good solid bone, she will have an strong destrier build.
  • Born to Elphaba's unnamed grey mare, sired by Gulliver.

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