Gè Tàiyáng de Háizi (个太阳的孩子)

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A band of Tàiyáng de Jiā members that moved to the Middle East to have access to further trade and humanization. They refer to themselves as 个太阳的孩子 (children of the sun) in their new home.

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Statistics & Foundation

Primary Map


  • Location: Near Istanbul
  • Status: REQUEST. More Information
  • Demonym: 孙子 (Sūnzi)
  • Languages Spoken: Turkish, Chinese
  • Influences: something
  • Archetype (Group): something
  • Archetypes (Individuals): something
  • Foundation: ~????
  • Species: Something
  • Population: ~40 (100% Luperci)
  • Leader: someone

Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Essentials
    1.   1.1  Geography
    2.   1.2  Climate
  2.   2.  Culture
    1.   2.1  Outsider Relations & Travel
  3.   3.  Structure
    1.   3.1  Leaders
    2.   3.2  Law & Justice
  4.   4.  Religion
  5.   5.  Significant Families
    1.   5.1  Family Name
  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Significance
    2.   6.2  History
  7.   7.  Notes & References
    1.   7.1  Quick Reference Index
    2.   7.2  Notes

1.  Essentials

1.1  Geography

A description of the territory goes here. It's a good idea to look up the country of the area you plan to have your territory occupy -- think about aspects such as climate, geography, incidences of human structure and state of human structures (remember, it's been 20 years since humanity died off).

Don't get into too much super-crazy detail--remember, people aren't playing these territories. Information about the climate and general area will suffice if you don't want to go too deeply into it. For example, one might say that 'Souls is mostly deciduous forest in a temperate climate zone, with low mountains and a lot of coastline. If your area is a former human city, you can include particularly important areas that most citizens of the area would know--like Halifax in 'Souls. Not many canines live there, but pretty much everyone knows the human ruins, right?

1.2  Climate

Here's a header for the climate. It's important enough that it shapes many aspects of your territory: very cold areas versus very warm areas, etc.

2.  Culture

Because of the long travel time from Tàiyáng de Jiā to Turkey, in which the group was briefly nomadic, hybridization in the pack became common. This led to them departing further from feral mindsets (or vice versa) with the introduction of agriculture primarily from Steppe Wolf travelers, some of which joined them. As it had brought them to depart from their home and follow the glimpse of trade and adventure, the question among them remained “why not” instead of simply “why”. This brought with it experimentation in all areas of life.

Passing down knowledge became an important part of their culture in the months they spent traveling to Turkey, following clues that strangers provided them in regards to nearest trade routes. They knew that soon, too, they would need to record their own trades and inventory. However, they have had little access to previous written language by themselves. In the end, the elders of the pack began to form their own written language. They referred to this writing collectively as 太阳的历史 (sun’s history). It began as a simple pictographic language, though certain, select high ranking members have begun to develop it into a logographic system for more detailed recording in recent years.

Artistically talented Sūnzi may have begun creating detailed references of their findings.

Luperci & Shifting

Are the canines in your area Luperci? If so, do they shift, or do they prefer one form over the others? Perhaps they forbid a certain form from use.


The founding Sūnzi have now become familiar with the Turkish language, though they vary in terms of fluency. Many members still prefer to speak in Chinese when among themselves. Their lack of knowledge upon arrival to the area near Istanbul caused some distrust and suspicion for some time—but the Sūnzi are a hard-working people, and most that were unwelcoming before have begrudgingly accepted their trade, despite the communication errors that may occur. Some have taken up the skill of paper making, to make communication easier with all canines; with the help of their pictographic written language. Nomadic travelers and traders that are fluent in multiple languages are sought after by members for their tips and mentorship.


How adept are the canines of your area with old human technology? Did they bother to restore the human ruins, or are they simply living among the rubble? The most adaptive Luperci of the North American continent are roughly a Bronze Age level of prowess, with most areas populated by European and west Asian Luperci slightly exceeding them.

Here are some sample technology subheaders you might want to use on your page. These are just suggestions, go wild -- your tech sections might be the most expansive, as you probably want a character who has some of these skills to come to 'Souls, yes? Just remember the unlikelihood of a master armorer/metalworker/glassworker uprooting and leaving their forge and tools for no reason. :)

Animals & Compaions

Boating and Sailing

Style and Fashion


Wine Production


Where do they live? The remains of a human city? Sprawling forests and mountains? Do they remain in one place, or are the canines nomadic over a particular territory?

Practices & Traditions

This section is intended for any particular beliefs your canines may have -- note that this section is separate and different from religion. For example, in Sobiratsya, canines practice piercing "rituals" wherein a canine considered to be turning into an adult is given an eyebrow piercing.

Some sample headers (again, go wild, these are just samples):

Gender and Sexuality

Families and Family Structures

Hedonistic Behavior


Luck and Superstition

Fishing and Hunting

2.1  Outsider Relations & Travel


If your area is in Europe, think about the connections it may have to other prominent European areas -- for example, is it along any of the trade routes of the maritime map? Is it a port? Mediterranean sailing is much more common than Atlantic sailing, so keep that in mind! Arctic sailing is a bit beyond our Luperci; they do not possess ice-breakers or much of the requisite technology. Perhaps your area traded for horses in Bucharest.

If you plan to have a lot of characters get to 'Souls through this area, make sure to include some information about how long it would take to travel to 'Souls. O:


How do canines regard outsiders? Are they a cohesive, tightly-knit group or are they a quarrelsome group, prone to outbursts of disobedience or even "mutiny? If there are any civilizations that are nearby with which your area interacts, you can give them a subheader under here, even.

3.  Structure

3.1  Leaders

Alpha/beta/gamma? King/queen? Remember, Luperci don't tend to form complex government organizations -- their structures are simple, reflecting that of their ancestral packs.

3.2  Law & Justice

If there is a dominant system of government—e.g., a monarchy, or a pack-like structure with alphas, betas, etc—you can describe it here. Remember that extremely large groups of Luperci are usually split into smaller sects of canines -- e.g., a structure with a few packs or families banded together under a common name, like Sobiratsya.

4.  Religion

If there is a dominant religion in your culture, you can describe it here. Consider their landscape (e.g., the Kiev wolves worshiping the river around their territory.) Describe their general belief system here -- what are the cornerstones of their beliefs? Do your religions follow a particular written text?

Creation Legends

Are there any myths widely believed by the populations there regarding the creation of Luperci, the creation of wolves, the creation of that particular society? These are sometimes better to include than a detailed history—they're generally brief, fantastical, and easy to remember, and thus easy to pass from character to characters.


Are your characters monotheistic or polytheistic? Do they have minor god(s), if they're polytheistic? What about saints/spirits/angels/demons?


Are any symbols pervasive in your religion (e.g., Christian cross, Star of David, etc). Think about what these things mean for your characters, and how these symbols are represented in your culture (e.g., perhaps residents get tattoos or markings in the shape of the symbols).

Religious Order

Are there priests, priestesses, shaman, religious leaders? How do they enforce the religious code, if there is one?


Do your canines have any particular practices, rituals, or pervasive beliefs? Perhaps the canines from your area are exceptionally superstitious. Ceremonies and the like can be listed here.


If your canines celebrate particular holidays or religious observances, describe them here. This space can also be used for the description of rituals and the like.

5.  Significant Families

5.1  Family Name

Here's a description of a significant family from the area!

6.  History

6.1  Significance

If your area has a particular influence on 'Souls (e.g., a large number of immigrants come from this area, or a pack was founded on the basic beliefs of this area) write about it here! List any families that originate in your area:

6.2  History

If there was a massive war or other large scale occurrence here, you may include it here, however, please keep in mind that these events don't have a lot of meaning for characters who did not originate from the place during that time. A generalized summary is much better.

7.  Notes & References

7.1  Quick Reference Index


Isthmus of Tehuantepec
Define areas, practices, beliefs, etc. quickly down here. This helps you in roleplay if you only need a momentary reminder, and it helps others especially if you use a tonnage of foreign words in your area's culture or whatevers. ;_; Isthmus of Tehuatepec


("altar") The single deity revered by Eternian religious canines.

7.2  Notes


  • Creator: Jacob — see Wiki page for contact information.
  • Status: REQUEST.
    • I will accept most characters.
    • Any character can reference this pack in their history briefly, but extended time spent with them, or important interactions with its members requires permission.
    • You can also check out PLAYER's Adoptions to see if I have any available Families characters.


  1. The image example for Sūnzi art depicts a Manetti rose, which is probably not native to Turkey or China. ;)


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