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  1.   1.  About
  2.   2.  Items and Use
  3.   3.  Current Stores
    1.   3.1  Weapons
    2.   3.2  Tools and Materials
    3.   3.3  Miscellaneous
    4.   3.4  Horse Gear
    5.   3.5  Hospital House
    6.   3.6  Books

1.  About

The Infernians repurposed one of the larger front rooms, formerly a living room, for use as a communal storage area. This room was gutted prior to its conversion to storage, leaving nothing but a few shelving units built into the walls. There is no seating and the windows are all boarded up. A pair of oil lanterns provide light in the shadowed corners of the room.

Everything is very neatly arranged, primarily thanks to Harosheth, who is almost neurotic about keeping things organized. Most everything is lined up shelving units, or arranged on a large, Luperci-built table (courtesy of Maddox) in the center of the room.

2.  Items and Use

  1. Feel free to use items within the Storage or the Greenhouse, whether for personal gain or for Infernian gain as a whole.
  2. Excessive trading without replacing items may result in consequences.
  3. Inferni adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  4. Please update item quantities. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

3.  Current Stores

3.1  Weapons

Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

Bows and Arrows

Master-crafted bows x1 [NT!] From a raid on Aniwaya.
Bows x7 [NT!] Donated by Alma and Ithiel.
Arrows x250 Donated by Ithiel, Alma, and others. The arrows all have sharpened stone tips, many of which were heated to increase their power.

Spears and Staffs

Quarterstaves x6 [NT!] These are of various lengths and weights, but all are made of hard wood.
Spears x2

Bladed Weapons

Daggers x9 [NT!] Daggers, all traditional and older. Boreas spoils, and trade.
Combat knives x4 [NT!] Knives, all in various modern combat-knife styles. Boreas spoils.
Swords x9 [NT!] Swords, traditional and older. Boreas spoils.
Throwing axe (paired) x3 [NT!] Pairs of throwing axes, all modern styled. Boreas spoils.
Two-handed axe x1 [NT!]


Traditional styled and old. Boreas spoils.


Molotovs x4 [NT!] Bottles filled with flammable oil -- the bottle must be opened and the cloth must be stuffed in.
Shields x5 [NT!] Thick wood and metal shields.
Gauntlets x3 [NT!] Thick boiled leather gauntlets.

3.2  Tools and Materials

Animal Products

Hides and Pelts x16 [FT!] The majority of Inferni's pelts are reindeer, though one or two peculiar ones can be found among them. All of the pelts obviously have fur; nothing has been cured into leather, stitched, or cut. While most pelts are in superb condition, some have holes or other imperfections making them unsuitable for craft purposes; however, a particularly clever canine might still put them to use.
Leather Sheets x20 [FT!] Pre-tanned; suitable for cutting into strips, sewing together to make stuff, etc. These were provided by both Ezekiel and Myrika.

Other Tools

Carpentry Tools Various [NT!]


Hammer, nails, saws, etc. -- gathered over the years to maintain the upkeep of the Mansion.
Pine Tar x10 jars Produced by burning the roots and stumps of pines, "has a long history as a wood preservative, as a wood sealant for maritime use, in roofing construction and maintenance, in soaps and in the treatment of skin diseases."
Lantern x2 [NT!]


These two lanters provide the light within the storage room. Canines may borrow them, but returning them is a must.
Horn x1 Hunting/alert style horn

3.3  Miscellaneous

Food and Cookware

Meat Fluctuates A stockpile of smoked and salted meat has been gathered for leaner seasons, such as summer. Older members and those with children are given first priority when it comes to use of such meat.
Fish Fluctuates A stockpile of smoked and salted fish gathered from the local rivers. Includes a variety of freshwater species. Kennedy Fisher is one of the main contributes to this store.
Eggs Fluctuates A stockpile of eggs, taken from the Great Village's chickens, can usually be found stacked neatly into a crude woven basket.
Alcohol Fluctuates Kaena donated five bottles of vodka, and several bottles of wine have been brought up from the basement over time. Rémy has also begun brewing his own moonshine and bottling it with reclaimed glass from Halifax. Delilah donated one large and one small bottle of nondescript alcohol.
Bowls x10
Pots x5
Plates x15
Pans x5
Spoons x5

Clothing and Accessories

Leather x4 Leather armor, Luperci-made and designed for men.
Cross Necklaces x7
Rosaries x10
Bracelets x6
Earrings x8

3.4  Horse Gear

Note: Communal horse gear is stored in the loft above the stables (excepting carts and other large items).

Horse Items

Saddles x3
Reins and headgear x5
Saddle bags x5
Horsecart x1 [NT!]


Left by Miqui -- of medium size, capable of seating two Luperci in the front. Although intended for a single horse, a team of multiple horses can be attached in tandem. Stored outside of the stables -- must be covered in winter.

Horse Feed

Switchgrass, Oat, Bluejoint large stores These three grain plants are harvested during the late summer and fall to provide extra fodder for Inferni's livestock -- not just horses.
Apple, Carrot, etc. small stores Small stores of treat-styled foods are kept in the storeroom for horses.

3.5  Hospital House

Note: these stores are kept in the Hospital House.


Item x23

3.6  Books

Note: the books are kept in the library.


Bible x1 Added by Ithiel. [1] Kept in the Chapel.
Cookbook x3 One added by Ithiel. [2] The other two are courtesy of Maddox.
Children's Books x10 [NT!] Simple, short children's books to help Infernians learn how to read!
Collection of Works x1 By Seneca the Younger. Added by Gabriel de le Poer.
Anti-Coyote Literature x8 [NT!] Crudely-made "pamphlets" of anti-coyote literature obtained from the Boreas Conflict. Inferni chose to keep these primarily to illustrate coyote hatred -- additionally, it was undesirable for this sort of literature to fall into "the wrong hands." D:
Inferni History Book x1 [NT!]


A huge volume of Inferni's history made by Myrika.
  • You can assume pretty much everything written in the Inferni History Detailed is recorded within this book. There's also a few pages containing all known members of the Lykoi family and a crudely-drawn family tree.
  • As the book is not only unique but rather large -- roughly fourteen inches high, seventeen inches wide -- it is not allowed outside of the library.
  • The book is made of rawhide parchment pages, rubbed with paling ingredients; lavender flowers provide faintly scented page. The book's cover, decorated with a Lykoi chaos star in bloody red, is sturdy boiled leather, bound together with long stitch binding. A leather strap wraps around the cover to secure the book closed when not in use. There are many, many blank sheets of parchment at the end of the book.
Robinson Crusoe x1 A damaged but readable copy of the novel, donated by Oilver Gryffin.
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