Inferni -- D'Neville Mansion Greenhouse

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  1.   1.  About
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  2.   2.  Items and Use
  3.   3.  Current Plants
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1.  About

The greenhouse nestles snugly against the rear of the mansion. The structure consists of wood, as well as PVC and plexiglass scavenged from Halifax. It is therefore always temperate in the greenhouse -- even in winter. Rows of plants are neatly arranged on the ground in pots. Two long tables sit along the walls, allowing for a second row of potted plants to be grown above the soil itself. A few plants are hung from the ceiling, though not many as to avoid jeopardizing the integrity of the structure.

1.1  Images

Alternate greenhouse image

2.  Items and Use

  1. Feel free to use items within the Storage or the Greenhouse, whether for personal gain or for Infernian gain as a whole.
  2. Excessive trading without replacing items may result in consequences.
  3. Inferni adheres to the Tagging System -- pay attention to the tags, as they designate what an item can be used for.
  4. Please update item quantities. If you do not want to update the Wiki or cannot, please let us know to update it.

3.  Current Plants

3.1  Notes

  • Plants growing wild in abundance around Inferni are also listed below.
  • Dried stores of many plants can be found in the DNeville Mansion Storage.
Item Amount Tags Notes or Description

Livestock Feed

Dried stores of these plants are kept in the stables loft.

Switchgrass large This grassy plant grows virulently over Inferni's western territories.
Oat large Wild crops of this grain can be found around Bass River, where is is harvested in the fall.
Bluejoint large Found along the coastal, marshy areas, especially near Sal Palus.


Honeysuckle large Wild growth over much of the D'Neville Mansion.
Lavender large
Meadowsweet x4
Catnip x0 [NT!]
Spearmint x1
Thyme x1
Yarrow x3
Sage x2
Fennel x5 Rémy traded with Cercatori D'Arte for this in spring of 2013.
Opium x7 Rémy traded with Cercatori D'Arte for this in spring of 2013.
Aloe Vera x5 Rémy traded with Cercatori D'Arte for this in spring of 2013.
Rosemary x2 Can also be used for cooking.


Clove x3 [NT!] The last plant to survive the January "greenhouse massacre" is small, stunted, and weak; two secondary plants have been begun from seeds.
Indian Tobacco x0 --
Cannabis x6 -- Undoubtedly the dominant plant within the greenhouse, several rows of large, tall plants are well-cared for and prized within the clan. Wild growth is found outside of the greenhouse but tends to be weaker.


Onion x12
Basil x1
Cilantro x1

4.  History

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