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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Significance
  3.   3.  Culture
    1.   3.1  Species
    2.   3.2  Lifestyle
    3.   3.3  Horses
    4.   3.4  Structures

Territory Statistics

StatusOPEN ?
Name MeaningImperial
Name OriginPolish
Date of Founding1990
Primary SpeciesDog Hybrid
Luperci DominantYes
Populationaround 70
ReligionNone specifically

1.  Description


The Cesarski Pack is located in the Carpathian Mountains in Polish territory, bordering on the Ukraine. The buildings in the packlands are primarily made of wood but some of the more important buildings are constructed of stone. The land is flanked by two rivers that lead into a large sized lake. All three water landmarks are loaded with fish and boating is practiced iin all three. Where the two rivers approach from the mountains there is a forest and in a clearing within the forest there is a small quarry. At the centre of the packlands one of the stone buildings stand, this is used as a meeting place and general hall for the members, as well as being the main government hub within the pack. Half a mile from that there is another, large stone building. This is used as a resisdence for some of the buildings, and surrounding this, in civilised 'streets' there are wooden houses in varying sizes.

The territory was founded in 1990 by a canine (breed unknown, presumed to be a dog hybrid) by the name of Krakow, who had taken up the surname of the family he was once owned by, Bialy. He grouped up with a handful of other mongrels and a few wolves and settled in the mountains. Two of the most prominent families in the pack (supposedly) stem from Krakow's own bloodline, Berlin and Bialy. It is not known however if the current day Bialy's and the Berlin line who stemmed from them are related to the founding alpha since there was a period of five years where the pack didn't have any contact with any luperci genes and therefore nothing was recorded on paper and there was no reason to track everybodies families. Krakow, who had been going on six when the pack was founded had passed on in that period and his wealth spread out within the pack. His successor was named on the founding day as a precaution, so after his death an unknown wolfdog took charge.

2.  Significance

Io Berlin, Galileo Gray, Goran Bialy and Sarajevo Berlin were all born within the pack.

3.  Culture

Cesarski are a pack where everyone pulls their own weight, it is a hard working pack which belileves in strategy. The rankings revolve around jobs within the pack and is run slightly like a government, though a lot simpler and still with strong wolf pack roots. In the pack, gender and species does not matter, age and health are usually the only things that restrict members. Factions more or less consist of physical roles (hunters, builders warriors), social roles (athletes, hosts, leaders), health roles (maids, undertakers, doctors) and misc roles (teachers, pupsitters, scouts). There is also a large dedicanted farming section, there are several departments which include individuals tending to the greens and the various animals they care for, bison, deer, cattle, sheep, poultry. This is not complete however. More recently an Assasin's faction had been added following several disturbances from a neighbouring pack.

3.1  Species

The general species within Cesarski are dogs and dog hybrids, thought wolves, jackals and coyotes are welcome.


Being a resourceful and working pack, Optime form is favoured for most ranks, though for some ranks Secui and Lupus are needed most often.

 Form Terms 

3.2  Lifestyle


The usual languages spoken within the pack are Polish, Romanian, Ukrainian and English, with a healthy amount of Spanish and French spoken in addition.


Members usually choose to live within the main residence building or to construct their own wooden house.


This pack are always on the look out for new tech to add to their already up to date things.

3.3  Horses

The Krakon horses are, much like the Drifter Bay horses, left alone for the most part with semi controlled breeding. Members are free to claim horses as their own. Their temperament is usually determined, stubborn, hard-working, fearless. But they are fierce tempered horses when they feel endangered. Due to their large size, they are adept at caring for themselves and fight well when needed. The herd is well structured. The appearance of the Krakon is almost clone like, all horses have a stocky build, but are sure of foot and perfectly agile. They move fast despite their mass and are over all hardy creatures. Krakon horses' backgrounds are made up of European horses, the most seen being Konik, Lithuanian Heavy Drafts, Czech Warmbloods, Rhinelander and more commonly, the local Malopolski horses. Colour wise, they are usually several types of bay, ranging also from chestnut to black and occasionally grey.

3.4  Structures

  • Leadership- Szef
  • Council- Doradca
  • Members- Robotnik
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