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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Outpost Members
  3.   3.  Animals
    1.   3.1  Horses
    2.   3.2  Other

The Camp

Owned by

Casa di Cavalieri

Date Created

August 2017

Current Occupancy

14 Luperci

The Portland Outpost belongs to the pack Casa di Cavalieri. It was formed the end of August, 2017 after the second Syndicate Conflict to serve as a trading post as well as a base of operations for the pack to keep an eye out for any further Syndicate activity.

1.  History

In the Summer of 2017, the Syndicate once again attacks Casa di Cavalieri. The pack comes out victorious, and it is learned that the Syndicate originated from the Portland area. Luca decided to send a group to set up an Outpost to both further the pack's interest in trade, and also to keep an eye out for any future Syndicate activity.

2.  Outpost Members

Sylvie Agnès


Ghita Fia Knight

Indi Knight
ADOPTABLE! (Contact Melissa)

Marius Damaichu
ADOPTABLE! (Contact Melissa)

Rohan Damaichu
ADOPTABLE! (Contact Katie)

ADOPTABLE! (Contact Amoris)


Everett Moreau

Dawn Hushhowl

Day Hushhowl

Leonidus Attaya

Atrea Secanti
ADOPTABLE! (Contact Amoris or Katie)

Abilene Damaichu
ADOPTABLE! (Contact Amoris or Katie)

3.  Animals

3.1  Horses

Icon Gender DOB About History

Nevada (Sylvie Agnès)

Mare 2000
  • Abilities: Cart pulling; riding.
  • Personality: Unshaken by anything. Gets bored easily, and is very eager to work.
  • Description: Chestnut.
  • Notes:
    • Foaled a tobiano filly, Abelie with Kenyon in July of 2016.

Unnamed (Indi Knight)

Mare --
  • Abilities: --
  • Description: --
  • About: --
  • Stolen during Indi and Teagan's escape from a fight [1] [M] in 2016.

Seeker (Isobel)

Stallion 2009
  • Abilities: Rider trained, pull trained (not necessarily cart), war horse trained.
  • Personality: Out of the saddle, Seeker is a sweetheart that loves scratches and treats and will always 'seek' out one or the other. In the saddle he's a far more serious soul, eager to please and responsive to every command he's given.
  • Description: Thoroughbred dapple grey with black mane and tail, dark points on his legs and around his muzzle. About 16hh at the withers. Due to severe injury during the Syndicate Conflict, he has been retired as a war horse

Isaia (Casa di Cavalieri)

Stallion --
  • Abilities: In riding and warhorse training.
  • Personality: --
  • Description: Stands about 15 hands; buckskin with a white blaze and sooty muzzle, mane and tail, and legs.
  • Originally a member of the Mire herd before captured and tamed by Midnight Shores.
  • Received from Midnight Shores upon the pack's disbandment.
  • Subsequently won by Asuilaak in CdC's 2017 horse auction
  • Given back to the pack as a communal animal the end of 2018

Percival (Everett Moreau)

Stallion --
  • Abilities: --
  • Description: A sturdily built stallion, possibly a hybrid of various pony breeds such as Fell Pony, etc. He has a pale grey base coat, with cream highlights and a dark muzzle. Reference Image.
  • About: Docile and friendly, his temperament is closer to a gelding's than a stallion's. He loves to run and be fussed over.
  • Given to Everett as a parting gift from the group that looked after him during the end of April til late May.

Noble (Arthur Knight)

Stallion 2012
  • Abilities: Rider trained, sure footed, very fast
  • Personality: Calm, docile, not easily spooked, aloof to strangers
  • Description: Very large suspected quarter horse, buckskin colored
  • Notes: See Arthur's NPCs for more information
  • Acquired in Portland.

Milkberry (Dawn Hushhowl)

Gelding Unknown
  • Abilities: Riding
  • Personality: Very loyal to Dawn. Independent and perceptive. Will bite and kick and hostile Luperci
  • Description: Stands about 16.5 hands, light colored coat with dark mane, tail, and feet. Ref
  • Stolen from the slavers when the chance came to escape.

3.2  Other

Tyler (Dawn Hushhowl)

Male Barn Owl Big barn owl with dark brown eyes. See Dawn's NPCs for more information.

Poe (Arthur Knight)

Male Common Raven See Arthur's NPCs for more information.
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