Cantatrix Valley

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    2.   1.2  Venefica Fortress
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    4.   1.4  'Welcoming' Angel Statue

1.  About

The weather-worn buildings in this area are far worse than any others around the area. With the possible held of all the crumbling stone decor, the valley seems to emit a strange air. Cantatrix Valley is home to an old chapel, beautiful but worn down homes, and creepy stone decor all around. Canines who wish to live here must either find a suitable living arrangement, or fix their homes themselves because many of the structures are crumbling by day.

1.1  Images

An angel statue that is situated in the middle of the valley. An example of the houses in the valley, though much more degraded. The Venefica Fortress. An example of the stone decor around the valley.

1.2  Venefica Fortress

Venefica Fortress is an old, crumbling church that was built into the side of a cliff. It is surrounded by a human graveyard, and is the perfect setting for the dark arts. The old building was formerly home to Angelo Kentaro, Innya, Malefica, and Mortifera. The small group of witches used the old stone church for their spells and brews. The cold stone floors provide enough traction to hold cauldrons and fire pits for those who need them. While most of the church has crumbled away, leaving ruins, there is a part of it that is sheltered from the outside. This part is very small, providing only enough sleeping room for a small group. The rest of the church is open to the moonlight.

The church appears to be just ruins from the outside, where its stone body is weathered, crumbling, and being reclaimed by the vegetation. Vines crawl up the sides of the structure, giving it an even eerier feel.

1.3  Stone Decor

While most of Canatrix's structures are already crumbled piles of rubble, there are some that aren't too badly broken down. With these somewhat intact houses and buildings, the stone decor on them is still visibly intact. If one is lucky, they can still see the disturbing stonework on some of the houses, under their windows, or just general gargoyles littering their sides. The carvings range from humans, to dragons, to strange creatures, with carved backgrounds or no backgrounds. Some of them seem to represent dark times, while others are just plain silly and sometimes even a little vulgar in their own way.

1.4  'Welcoming' Angel Statue

While there are multiple angel statues all over the area, the one set in the center of Cantatrix Valley is by far the creepiest. Due to weather-wear, a dark liquid seems to run from the angel's eye sockets, down her face, neck and wings. The rest of her metallic body show signs of wear and crackling paint. However, it is just the look on her face of eternal yearning that seems to emanate a dark feeling around the area. While the dark liquid could easily be mistaken for blood in the dead of night, the no-doubt bronze angel watches over the Valley center for all eternity.