Cairo, Egypt

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesEgyptian Jackal
Luperci DominantYes

Cairo, Egypt (Image shown is Az-Zeitun)

1.  Description

Cairo is an old city, quite close to the pyramids and other structures associated with ancient Egypt. Most human dwellings from the area are in relatively good shape thanks to the arid climate of the region; however, the sand and extreme heat has caused damage to buildings and many human leftovers, naturally. Much as it has been for thousands of years, the Nile river is extremely important to canines of this area. It provides much of the food and, of course, water.

2.  Culture

Its citizens are primarily Egyptian Jackal, and they are sympathetic to the Asian-born jackals in control of Jerusalem, though they have not acted directly to aide them aside from keeping up trade with the city. Wolves are rather uncommon as permanent residents; most subspecies of wolf, excepting the Iranian wolf and the Arabian wolf, are not equipped to deal with the temperatures in this area.

Cairo is served by the lush Nile delta, which provides the canine citizens with transportation and access to Beirut, Athens, and Tripoli, as well as other ports in the Mediterranean sea. Many canines of this area adhere to a derived form of ancient Egyptian polytheism, taking their cues from the relics surrounding them. Though the religion is not all-encompassing nor enforced, it is prevalent in many of the permanent residents of the area.

The primary traffic to this area consists of various African jackal species heading north and attempting to enter Europe. The delta of the Nile River is still a common port and a very common area for trade, thanks to the lack of resources within Cairo and Egypt in general. Many items are in high demand here. Mediterranean trade in this area is common, with boat captains going out of their way for a stop-over in Cairo, knowing the high demand for passage out of the city as well.

3.  Significance

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4.  More Reference