Cabot Beach

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Territory D'Laniger Peninsula
Major Waterways
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

Cabot Beach is one of the most beautiful areas of D'Laniger Peninsula. White sands and long, wide beaches characterize the shoreline, while the inland areas are thick forest plentiful with deer and other prey animals. Although beautiful, this area of the island is unsettling. Clearly colonized by Luperci, Cabot Beach was discovered completely deserted save one starving, maddened canine. Signs of Luperci inhabitance -- but no Luperci -- were found by the first explorers of the area. A lack of struggle or bodies precludes war as the cause for depopulation; explanations for abandonment are plenitful, but none certain. Ghostly mystery has permeated Cabot Beach ever since.

2.  Likely Encounters

  • Gesga'sit Family
    The former Etltemit packlands on the Cabot Beach are occupied by just two individuals now, and neither makes an effort to guard the lands. Most of the Luperci-made structures have fallen to ruin, and there is little evidence aside from the two remaining members of the family that anyone lived here at all.

3.  Sources

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