Blighted Fields

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The Blighted Fields are the name given to the empty ruins of human civilization outside of what was once Columbus, Ohio. The grass there is pale and unkempt, grown thin and sallow beneath the cloudy sky. The earth is littered with scattered mounds, marking the graves of a hundred fallen souls to a conflict suffered on the overgrown roads of a dead civilization. Many buildings are charred beyond use, burned to the ground through siege, or simply to purge corruption, all marks left on the land from a conflict named and whispered of only outside the bounds of where it took place. The land is quiet, an unnaturally empty space, a dead-zone which makes it a very safe, if eerie place to take shelter. The large prey have mostly gone, though rabbits have since returned, as well as other prey too small or numerous not to take shelter where the canines dare not tread.

Significant Occurrences & Characters

The area was inhabited for a long while by the members of an order known as the Shadow Priests, worshipers of the dark and the predatory beings which they believed lurked within it. Their faith was one of fear and sacrifice, offerings made to satiate the appetites of the dark ones who hid beyond the veil of mortality to take their prey in death. In time, the horror of their religious rites drove others away from the lands, while their missions attracted wayward wolves to join the fold. In time, their prophets came to demand greater sacrifices for the demons they feared and revered, and the terror spread by their church grew, and their power with it. As months went on, the ruins of the old human city and the surrounding environs were abandoned by all sane living things, and the priests turned their attentions outward, reaching further and further into the outside world for sacrifices to their dark gods. Eventually, their raids caught the attention of someone with a mind to lead a resistance against their growing threat, and in the face of their evil, he led a coalition of the willing into the mouth of the priests' hell to do battle with the worshipers of shadow. The War of Shadows, as it came to be called, took a great toll on canine life, but eventually marked the end for the Shadow Priests. The sacrificial poles and scaffolds have since been burned, but not before leaving their indelible mark on the collective psyche of all who had been close enough to hear the tales. It is a peaceful place now, and avoided by all wolves in neighboring territories. To the wolves that know it, it is a grave and a cursed land, though the odd drifter may find peace there for a spell before moving to livelier reaches.

Creator & Contact

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