Black River Reserve

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  2.   2.  Waterways
    1.   2.1  Northumberland Strait
    2.   2.2  Black River
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Territory Isthmus of Chignecto
Major Waterways Northumberland Strait
Size ?? sq km / ?? sq mi


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1.  Description

The Black River Reserve, named for the largest of the reserve's numerous rivers, is located along the Northumberland coast. The shore boasts long and rolling sand dunes, along with small barrier islands. Most of the islands are bare of vegetation and become submerged with the high tide -- both the dunes and the islands provide a home for the Harbor and Gray Seal species. The inland park primarily consists of salt marshes, lagoons and sparse coastal forests. Pines and other hardy sorts of trees out-compete most deciduous trees; thus, the area remains green throughout the winter.

2.  Waterways

2.1  Northumberland Strait

The shallow Northumberland Strait separates Prince Edward Island from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The shallowness of the strait's waters results in very warm summer water -- the Strait has some of the warmest ocean water temperatures on the Atlantic coast north of Virginia. In the winter, however, cold water flowing in from the Gulf of Saint Lawrence cools the water quickly. This is one of the areas within 'Souls playable areas to freeze and display coastal sea ice in winter. Though the channel may freeze entirely, the ice is rarely solid enough to walk across safely.

Central and western coasts of the strait, such as the Isthmus of Chignecto and Aelcrest Shore, as well as the entire south and eastern shore of Prince Edward Island, consist of sandstone. Much of these coasts are beautiful sandy beaches with gentle tides, a stark contrast to the harsh Bay of Fundy coastline to the south. These areas had minimal coastal development in the time of humanity.

2.2  Black River

The narrow Black River cuts through the Black River Reserve. It is fed by the numerous marshlands through the area. A "young" river, the Black River is deceptively deep -- and it runs very quickly, making for a somewhat dangerous river in some places. The fast-moving currents within the river carry its water out and into the Brule Bay on the Northumberland Strait.

3.  History

  • New Dawn claimed this territory until the pack's disbandment in 2015.

4.  Sources

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