Biff's Bar

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Biff's Bar




  • Location: Amherst, Nova Scotia
  • Status: OPEN TO THREAD

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  1.   1.  Features
    1.   1.1  Guidelines
    2.   1.2  Likely Encounters
  2.   2.  The Bar Squad
  3.   3.  Notable Threads

Biff's Bar is a bar located in Amherst, owned by Biff Blackrust and helped run by his cNPC, Spud.

After [M] finding a place in a city to settle down, spending time learning how to trade for and make some different forms of alcohol, and finding a friend to help run the place, Biff decided to open up a bar in the middle of Amherst.

The bar is open to any canine - packmember or loner, Luperci or feral - although there are some guidelines that are expected to be followed!

1.  Features

Biff's Bar contains various stools of varying decay, a bar counter in surprisingly decent condition, and a few tables that haven't broken down just yet. In the back, behind an old, worn curtain is a 'lounge' area with plush (if worn and broken) couches and a small end-table. The bar also contains a rudimentary dartboard and a storage area, which is blocked and half-hidden by various heavy boxes and other objects.

1.1  Guidelines

These are roleplaying guidelines for the Bar!

  • Entry to the bar is free. Your character can enter and leave the bar at will, as long as either Biff or Spud are present.
  • The first drink is free; subsequent drinks are not. Acceptable items to trade for drinks are things like art, meat, pelts, bottles, tools, or secrets. The bar has to keep running, after all!
  • Private threads in the bar are fine! Feel free to thread with someone else privately within the bar and assume that Biff or Spud are around.
  • These are just guidelines! The Bar is run by loners; it doesn't come under the protection of trespassing procedures like packs do, although Spud and Biff do live in / near the bar.

Beyond this, there are Bar Games, with points and prizes! ;) Check out the thread for more information.

1.2  Likely Encounters

  • Biff Blackrust and his cNPC Spud own and run the bar; players can assume characters will see them around, or that Spud serves them drinks (although please ask to powerplay discussion / actions!)
  • Roxy Blackrust, Biff's cousin, lives next to the bar and frequents the establishment. Players can assume characters see her around or having heard her "music" (although please ask to powerplay discussion / actions!)
  • Myrkr Stormbringer tends to hang around the bar and chat up its patrons because he's lonely and has nothing better to do! Players can assume characters will see him around and can reference non-plot-intensive encounters; PM me if you'd like to reference something specific or powerplay!

2.  The Bar Squad

The group running the bar has become large enough to be considered a loner group; this group is open, and if you'd like your character to join, just ask! There are currently 6 players and 6 active characters + one NPC as a part of the Bar Squad. Membership is currently:

3.  Notable Threads

Feel free to add your character's bar threads here!

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