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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  Crowell's Point
    2.   2.2  Fisherman's Memorial
  3.   3.  Landmarks
    1.   3.1  Barrington Islands
  4.   4.  Likely Encounters
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1.  Description

Between Yarmouth and its neighboring town Barrington lies a stretch of untamed paradise. Lush green fields and scattered forest border rock-and-sand beaches, all of it generally fogged over. Though the forest has begun to grow over many of the old streets and roads, Highway 103 provides an easy, straight path from Yarmouth to Barrington. The foggy coastal areas are still heavily populated with lobsters year round with a peak season between July and October. Predators willing to put forth the effort for the delicacy can be rewarded with large numbers of the shellfish.

Barrington itself was a much smaller community compared to Yarmouth. Absent are the hundreds of drifting and sunken fishing boats and trendy tourist locations. Instead, the sloping hills and seaside cliffs are dotted with dozens of charming cottages and lighthouses. The town itself is dominated by Victorian architecture, with tall, many-roomed homes looming along the streets. Much of the town has been battered and beaten by the strong Atlantic, of course, but many treasures still remain within Barrington.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  Crowell's Point

Crowells Point is home to many abandoned houses, both in good and decaying conditions. This nook of Barrington was a quaint little neighborhood with Victorian-styled homes in modern suburbia. Tall, thin trees dot the neighborhoods and overgrown flora nearly hide the crumbling steps leading to these architectural marvels. An old playground can be found here, along with a gas station, small church, gardening store and sports field within a mile or so.

2.2  Fisherman's Memorial

This area is home to the skeletal remains of once large, expansive buildings in downtown Barrington. By the sea are some rotting docks, complete with boats that have sunken over time. Some of them still bob in the water, but are so weathered that they are unsafe. This area features many interesting places for Luperci to scavenge such as large department stores, many outdoorsmen locations (by the docks), movie theaters, museums, art galleries and schools. Although a lot of its treasures have already been taken, there may be some interesting trinkets left if a canine does the right amount of digging.

3.  Landmarks

CFS Barrington

Canadian Forces Station Barrington was established as a LORAN (LOng RAnge Navigation) base in the 1940s. By the 1980s, this type of radar was obsolete, and the tiny military base on the outskirts of Barrington was well on its way to being shut down. There are just four buildings that comprise the compound, separated from the otherwise rural area by two chain link and barbed wire fences. It is an odd site -- a stark white tower with a stark white globe seated atop it, taller than the rest of the buildings and most of Barrington's buildings by far, draws the eye for a long way off. On close inspection, the tower and globe both are peeling and streaked with orange rust. The innards of the building, a myrid of strange computer systems and small rooms filled with government paperwork and records, is an altogether odd outpost of Barrington.

Old Meeting House

This Church was the earliest in the area, featuring a raised pulpit which is accessed by a stairs up the back and row after row of strong pine pews. Several outbuildings, newer than the church, crowd in the small complex to the east of Barrington, providing living areas for those who dedicated their lives to the church. A small graveyard hunkers behind the church, featuring graves far older than any of the buildings. The centuries have turned the stone brown, the engravings and names worn away by the sea salt and wind.

Coffinscroft House

The Coffinscroft House is among the largest of the old Victorian architecture buildings within Barrington. Its dark outside seems menacing, and the innards of the building are even worse. Messages of horror are scrawled on the walls in bright red paint, apparently describing the last few days of life of its human inhabitants. One of the upper bedrooms is filled with several human skeletons, draped across a bed and several chairs. The house smells of dust and bones.

3.1  Barrington Islands

Grey Island

Grey Island was populated in the time of humanity, likely due to its proximity to Barrington. A fishing village hunkers on the inland side of the island, in disrepair due to the harshness of the coastal climate. Grey Island island is rocky of coast, and experiences the heavy fog characteristic of southern Nova Scotia. Alongside its human remnants, it supports a stand of pine trees and other hardy fauna, though very few prey animals make the island their home. The Blackmoor Castle is visible from the northernmost point of Grey Island on especially clear days.


Part of Barrington is a long, narrow island called Blanche. The Main Street bridge, connecting the island to the mainland, is the only way into or out of the town. As there are only a few small parks on the island, it is very nearly desolate of prey -- nevertheless, the saplings sprouting inside of buildings are a testament to nature's dominance over man's remnants.

The East and North Ends are sprawling residential communities; the North is the more affluent of the two. The East End was downtrodden even before the apocalypse -- the apartment building complexes are the only things left standing amongst the rubble of poorly-constructed duplex houses. The Downtown and West areas are primarily business and commercial ventures -- there are storefronts and larger corporate buildings, none of which are over four stories tall.

4.  Likely Encounters

  • Something!

5.  More Information

6.  Notes

  • CFS Barritgon is actually on Cape Sable Island IRL.
  • Huskies Stadium is located in Halifax but there was too much crap there already so it got moved here.
  • Grand Manan Island is what Ram's Island is based on, and it is actually located in New Brunswick, but... UFO sightings and an actual place called "The Hole in the Wall," really? Sie had to!
  • Coffinscroft House is our little Dunwich Building. <3
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