Concrete Jungle

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  1.   1.  Description
  2.   2.  Subterritories
    1.   2.1  East Line Subway
    2.   2.2  St. Paul's Episcopal
    3.   2.3  Séduisez le Parc
    4.   2.4  Luminous Sanctuary
    5.   2.5  Nirvana
    6.   2.6  Chinatown
Approximate Area9.5 square kilometres
5.9 square miles
Colour Code#CC6600

1.  Description

Black towers spiral into the greyed sky, where a sun sets in a chartreuse haze of still undiluted pollutants and smog. The only remnants of the human disease here are rotten and decrepit; it is dangerous to travel here for glass sticks up from all insane angles and there are plenty of rusted nails and other metal debris to snag one's eyeball on, as well as plenty of rotted out floors on which to stand and then fall ten stories to a wonderfully gory death. Now, of course, there are wolfen daredevils that do tread here, naturally, but there are few that have the bravery to do so.

2.  Subterritories

2.1  East Line Subway

East Line Subway
Square Miles5.9
Colour Code#A1FEFF
Designed ByAkumu
Although the East Line (or Line E, for short) was once a popular way to zip through the Concrete Jungle and along the Luminous Sanctuary, it has long since deteriorated into a dangerous network of tunnels. Skeletal remains are strewn about the concrete stairways and the pale-green tiled floors. The tunnels themselves are lit by dim blue overhead lights, kept powered by a massive back-up solar generator. While most of the subway is dimly lit, there are parts which succumbed to total darkness, the power lines either chewed by rats or waterlogged over the years. A suffocating sense of death permeates the air here, and it is difficult to quell the sense of captivity in the small tunnels.

2.2  St. Paul's Episcopal

St. Paul's Episcopal
Square Miles3.7
Colour Code#230044
Designed ByShloo

Roughly 10 miles outside of the Sanctuary, this place lies more toward the packlands than the coast. This small, quaint little church, named for Saint Paul, is home to many treasures - among them a working grand piano and organ. Once a place of worship, always a place of worship. Those seeking spiritual food for thought often come here to slake their lust. The chapel contains a vaulted ceiling, where the organ's pipes reached and seem to crawl along the thick spine of the church's steeple. Outside is a garden-yard where many flowers and some trees grow, benches lining the walkway to allow patrons a place to rest. A small graveyard lies to the southeast of this little safe haven, and when people come to pay homage to whatever god they believe in, it is customary for many spectators to go viewing - the gravestones are always an interesting sight to any.

2.3  Séduisez le Parc

Séduisez le Parc

Square Miles2.8
Colour Code#DF6D45
Designed ByAkumu

Out from the Concrete Jungle and the Luminous Sanctuary runs a strip of a four lane highway to the south. No more than a couple of miles down this desolate stretch of cracked pavement lies and old amusement park with rusted metal gates. While the rides no longer work and technically aren't even safe to be around, the amusement park itself is truly a place to go, lined with it's bleached out and faded colours and tasteful decorations. From the winding rollercoaster that rings the edge of the park to the towering ferris wheel that rests in it's centre, there are certainly many things in within this park to amuse creatures of all ages, just as it did the humans before it.

2.4  Luminous Sanctuary

Luminous Sanctuary
Square Miles3
Colour Code#D1E8EF

The Luminous Sanctuary rings Concrete Jungle; it is the urban sprawl surrounding the big city. There are row after row of cookie cutter houses, most of which are gutted completely. There are a few notable places here- the hospital; the grammar, middle, and high schools; and the park- but other than that, there is only street after street of silent houses. Some may choose to make their homes in the empty house, for it is easy to get lost in the mirror image houses, if one does not wish to be found. The place gets its name from the shingles on the houses, which may sparkle at night, if one catches them at the right angle.


  • This was originally its own separate territory. Eventually it was incorporated as a subterritory of the Concrete Jungle during a reshuffle or something!

2.5  Nirvana


Nirvana, by Reghi
Square Miles1.2
Colour Code#996699
Designed ByKahilli

Unnoticeable save for the few landmarks within, Nirvana's little more then an overgrown, south western located hippie's paradise. Comprised of the left over fields of a farmer, the marijuana plant has grown wild. Absorbing the sun, the fields grow abundant despite the heavy chill of canadian winters. A marshy pond with sparse tree cover feeds the plants. The rusted and hollowed out remnant of a once blood-red barn hangs looming and ominous over the fields--a silent watcher of the ages. A curious wolf may find hidden, rusted out equipment in the barn--or in the decrepit house nestled right on the shores of the marshy pond. Three stories, absolutely beautiful and haunted--ransacked by the ages and vermin.

2.6  Chinatown

Square Miles2.3
Colour Code?
Designed BySonia

Chinatown is on the far side of the city, buried in a hard-to-navigate maze of criss-crossing streets. The four-block stretch of concrete is a stretch of distinctly East Asian specialty shops—sushi bars, kimono shops, and karaoke bars. Paper lanterns line the streets, as well as colorful decorations along every shop. At the center of the small place lies a large koi pond, the four stone fish on the edge of the marble fountain still pumping fresh water and keeping alive the very large koi fish. Some consider the place holy, others say it's still haunted by old human ghosts. Either way, at night one can hear the gentle harmony of bamboo chimes in the wind.