Amsterdam, Netherlands

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StatusOpen ?
Date of Founding~1988
Primary SpeciesMixed
Luperci DominantYes


1.  Description

"Amsterdam is connected to the North Sea through the long North Sea Canal," (Wikipedia) providing important trade links between Sobirat'sya; Portsmouth and London; and Calais-Fr├ęthun and Paris. Amsterdam is a smaller city; it is very low to the sea level and features a cool, wet climate. Parts of the city have flooded over and become completely impassable -- Luperci obviously avoid these parts of the city, finding the decaying and waterlogged buildings (if they even still stand at all) too dangerous to risk entering. The generally moist atmosphere and climate of the city caused many buildings to decay faster than they might have in a drier climate, and even if not flooded, many buildings are still quite dangerous. Most Luperci must either live in makeshift or outdoor housing or extensively restore a building in good condition.

2.  Culture

Amsterdam is quite the laid-back city, keeping to the traditions which made it famous amongst marijuana-smokers. It also features a prominent red-light district as it did in the human times. The canines who live here are friendly and open to outsiders, and it is a popular vacationing spot for many European Luperci thanks to its calm atmosphere and happy citizens.

Beside the pleasurable aspects of the city, there is an equally important venture here, as well. Amsterdam's residents often trade with Berlin residents for their ocean goods -- e.g., fish and boats. The residents of Amsterdam are among the most crafty canines where it comes to boats, and they first populated the idea of sailing throughout the Luperci world. Despite Amsterdam's initial push for this, Lisbon became the port city of choice for any ventures to the western hemisphere thanks to its more choice location. Despite the lack of heavy port activity in Amsterdam, canines continue to utilize boats, fishing, and light sea travel (generally not ranging far from the shoreline itself) to sustain themselves.

2.1  April 20th

  • Obviously they have a 4/20 celebration every year. :| Rurik Russo went to see it one year, hooray!

3.  Significance

  • :D

4.  More Reference

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