Aapísis' Mîkiwâm

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Situated in the area between Calgary, stretching up the foothills into the Rocky Mountains. Plains area outside of Calgary, spreading into thick forest as one travels west. A road cuts through from the city to the mountains. A couple small human settlements may be found along there. City is mainly abandoned. Large river, streams, and plenty of wildlife can be found.


Canines born inside Calgary tend to be luperci. Those outside it are mainly not infected, or feral, preferring not to shift.


The few dogs in the area tend to live in the city as luperci. They don't often travel outwards, knowing that the wilder canines would tear them apart. Strength is strongly emphasized for survival, and pups aren't allowed outside of their dens until they are at least a couple months old to keep them safe from the dangers in the city. Small packs form and disband within the city overnight. Fighting with coyotes isn't uncommon, making them fear and hate the scavengers that tend to break in and take whatever they wish. Wolves are treated with awe as a kind of deity, and they avoid meeting wolves at all costs, believing that to meet one would be to be killed. Hybrids are frowned upon and shunned, driven out of the city.


The coyotes have flourished wildly since the death of the humans. There are two separate coyote packs, one being infected with the luperci virus and occupying the southern part of the city, and the other non infected occasionally wander into the northern parts of the city. The infected coyotes have mastered the art of changing forms, and often seek out non infected to forcibly change them, claiming it as a gift that needs sharing. They keep to the south mainly, and accept hybrids into their group openly, viewing it as a gift to help them expand. They often quarrel and fight with the wolves due to their culture of stealing whenever possible, including the occasional wolf pup and pack kill.

Coyotes-non infected

The non infected coyotes live north and west. They rarely come into the city, and have had no contact with infected canines. They live in a very loose group, splitting into pairs during the summer and coming together as a large group during the winter and for various celebrations. They believe that after one dies they go to live in the stars, and follow the tales of Coyote the trickster, the one they believe created the world. Ones bearing the mark of a star on their body are death carriers and to be avoided or killed. They survive by stealing and scavenging, with no concept of staying out of an area. There is a rough form of writing among them, involving simple symbols that can be carved with claws. The symbols mainly contain useful information for other coyotes as they do live apart from each other, such as "Rabbits Here" and "Friendly Territory". They are loose about mates, usually taking one for a season's turn to raise the pups before moving on. Due to this wolf hybrids can be found in the pack.


The wolf packs take on a very traditional hierarchy, believing that the spirits of their ancestors guide them. They dislike the coyotes, and will drive them away whenever possible due to having their kills stolen and borders trespassed. The occasional pack is infected, and coyote hybrids do occasionally occur when a wolf goes into heat. They follow the traditional ways of living, traveling and following the prey.

Significant Occurrences & Characters

The birthplace of Terra. The first infected coyote to be born into her pack, she left before she discovered that her mother was dead to follow and find out what made her different after her first shift. Her pack is still not infected.

Due to the feral nature of the canines in this area they are probably more superstitious in nature.

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