Spotlight Soul 2021

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  1.   1.  Winners
    1.   1.1  January - Zetsubou
    2.   1.2  February - Lyubov Hushhowl
    3.   1.3  March - Eden de le Ulrich
    4.   1.4  April - Wrath
    5.   1.5  May - Azalea Eternity
    6.   1.6  June - Peony Braithwaite
    7.   1.7  July - Lucian Marino
    8.   1.8  August - Gwaun Fir-Chlis
    9.   1.9  September -
    10.   1.10  October -
    11.   1.11  November -
    12.   1.12  December -

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Zetsubou

Zetsubou is our first Spotlight Soul for 2021! With consistent activity and plenty of highly engaging threads, Zetsubou has been making himself known within his pack and provides lots of fun reads! It's been quite a time for Zetsubou, who not only found love but faced down his violent family. Will this year bring peace for someone who has been through so much? Only time will tell...

1.2  February - Lyubov Hushhowl

Our Spotlight Soul for this month is Lyubov Hushhowl! Playing a puppy can be a challenge, especially when they're young, but Lyubov has been a highly involved character despite this, and their pack's top poster! With a large family whose legacy within Casa di Cavalieri is well established, the future is full of opportunities for this engaging youngster.

1.3  March - Eden de le Ulrich

A child born between two enemy packs, haunted by the ghost of her long-deceased mother lingering amidst her nightmares, Eden has come a long way from her roots. In recent times, Eden has taken the brave plunge in discovering herself, and has come out more confident than before. Her work ethic and talents as a healer in Salsola have allowed her to rise be the first to stand amongst a Faction that has lied vacant for two years after a deadly curse. She has dodged the pricks and poisons of Salsola's thistle; and has remained a kind and gentle soul despite all of her trials. But, when she puts her trust in the conniving Aani, will her kind heart be able to hold up as terrible facts that she cannot fully recall are revealed?

1.4  April - Wrath

A loner with a disfigured face and bad temper, Wrath has been surviving in 'Souls for several months. Favoring his four-legged forms makes Wrath somewhat unique among his fellow Luperci, and Wrath's behavior has made him unpredictable and often dangerous. Despite his ferocious visage, the struggles of living alone have led Wrath to decide to join a pack -- but doing so has been a difficult process, as Wrath now faces a greater challenge: learning how to live with other Luperci.

1.5  May - Azalea Eternity

Since triumphantly and speedily finishing her Cueponi riddle with a clever answer, young Azalea Eternity has been busy making a name for herself among the infamous Family of Salsola. Involving herself in all sorts of adventures, from a trade event with an allied pack to stirring trouble with a fellow packmate and planning to get her Cotona scar, Azalea is quickly becoming a household name to her fellow Salsolans. Azalea is all over the place in Salsola, helping out pack members and getting herself familiar with foreign packs at every opportunity, something that's not seen very often with Salsola's typically secretive and sometimes snooty nature. We can't wait to see what wild journeys she jumps headlong into next!

1.6  June - Peony Braithwaite

The ambitious Peony Braithwaite has been working hard to make herself known amongst the Del Cenere Gang. She has organized and carried out multiple visits to the other packs in order to make trade and improve relations and seems to have her eyes set on progress and improvements for her pack. Peony's been quite the diplomat recently, traveling throughout 'Souls and visiting neighboring packs and Loner Bands. Within the gang her efforts have earned her a place among The Ashen Ring, where she serves as the "ear" of her pack. What's next for this former debutante?

1.7  July - Lucian Marino

Lucian Marino is a young man starting down the road to adulthood. The son of one of Casa di Cavalieri's leaders, the untimely death of his father left Lucian and his brother to be raised by a solo mother. Luckily, his pack provided the stable foundation in which young Lucian grew and thrived. He's shown an interest in horses and an aim to become a Master Equestrian. While too young to participate in the Olympic Games hosted by his pack, Lucian organized events for his fellow youths. Now, Lucian approaches his First Blood – a coming of age ceremony. Training for this has proven both educational and dangerous for Lucian. Will he succeed in this upcoming challenge, or will the pressures of expectation prove to be too much?

1.8  August - Gwaun Fir-Chlis

This month's Spotlight Soul is Gwaun Fir-Chlis of New Caledonia. Since joining, Gwaun has been super active within the pack, working on relationships with his large family, as well as other denizens of the Realm. He's a friendly face to both luperci and sheep, earning his place as a herdsman -- as well as deepening his understanding of one of the Old Gods, keeping the faith alive. The future holds plenty of possibilities for Gwaun as he navigates and tries to find balance with his position as both a descendant of an Old Caledonian clan and the mixing-pot that New Caledonia has become.

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1.10  October -

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