Spotlight Soul 2017

1.  Winners

1.1  January - Ode Stormbringer

Our Spotlight Soul for January is Ode (Ketsuki)! After adopting Ode earlier this year, Ketsuki has been involving Ode in many threads with her pack members, including open threads! She has been a wonderful addition to the pack, and it's been a lot of fun seeing how she deals with her father's return to the pack and her budding friendships! Yay, Ode!

1.2  February - All temporary characters

This month, we wanted to nominate all temporary characters for Spotlight Soul! We are so impressed with the enthusiasm and commitment you've put into the pack plots -- even if most of these temps will be going away by the end of this month, which makes the passion all the more commendable! From ill-fated defenders to zealous villains, there's a lot of awesomeness going on, and that's all because of you guys and your creativity! <3

1.3  March - Lust Lykoi

The Spotlight Soul for February is Lust Lykoi (Shade)! Lust appears to be living a very colorful life! Known as a sensual woman, she certainly seems to be enjoying the company of her male pack mates. She is an interesting character with one or two particularly questionable relationships. Fun and games aside, Lust also finds time to help out her clan by building a brand new clinic and proves that she is an effective and valuable member. Where will her lifestyle take her next?

1.4  April - Arlen Stryder

Our April Spotlight Soul is no other than Arlen Stryder (Kris)! Congratulations! Arlen is definitely sweet as sugar, and has been a very active youngster! He has been busy his fortifying relationships with family and his pack mates, and has also been meeting longers and members from other packs in neutral territories. Having recently shifted for the first time, it seems as though nothing can hold him back... except maybe for birds! With plenty more adventures to be had and experiences yet to encounter, it will be fun to see what direction life takes Arlen as he grows up!

1.5  May - Quicksilver Lykoi

The Spotlight Soul for May is Quicksilver Lykoi (Shannah)! After the death of her mother in the second Boreas War, Quicksilver made a surprising splash back into Salsolan society. Whilst battling her own private grief, her family's extended mourning, and the ever-increasing pressure placed on her by cultural expectations, Quick has surmounted the odds to become a recognized and respectable member of the coven. With her mature, social outlook and keenly perceptive nature, she continues to gain allies in the pack at an impressive rate! Congrats, Quicksilver!

1.6  June - Sergio Vega

The Spotlight Soul for June is Sergio Vega (Andy)! Sergio has been very engaged in his pack since Andy's return to 'Souls. Even when his own personal plots fell through, Andy stuck with the character and worked on new plots and angles, showing a committment not often seen. Sergio is a very dedicated, wonderful member of Sapient. Yay, Sergio!

1.7  July - Maelyx Nocturne

The Spotlight Soul for July is Maelyx Nocturne (Nukiira)! Since rejoining, Maelyx has been a huge part in redefining Anathema culture, helping out within the pack, and diving head-first into plots. She has already started to settle down and build a reputation, relationship, and make her mark -- three cheers for Maelyx! We can't wait to see what you do next! :)

1.8  August - Rowtag

The Spotlight Soul for August is is Rowtag (El)! Not only were they Sapient's top poster last month but Rowtag has been highly involved with the event going on in their pack, cooking up some great (and hilarious!) drama, along helping everyone out with their threads. We hope that the momentum keeps up! :D

1.9  September - Vicira Tears

This month’s Spotlight Soul is Vicira Tears (Raze)! A highly-ranked member of Inferni, Vicira proves this through her interactions with her clanmates and actions taken on behalf of the coyote clan. Whether they involve helping clanmates earn co-ranks (or bossing them around), breeding and training Inferni’s horses, or preparing for motherhood, her threads are enjoyable to read. We’re excited to see where this ambitious coyote’s plots lead her in the future!

1.10  October - Nazario del Bosque

Nazario del Bosque (Despi) is this month's Spotlight Soul! An orphan under dark circumstances, Nazario has been developed well through the months of his childhood: from a cute, clumsy pup to an ambitious adolescent seeking answers about his kept-secret past. Now war is on the horizon, and Nazario has already lost something dear to him in this pack plot... x_o We're curious to see where Nazario's threads lead him next!

1.11  November - Oscar Morelli

Our Spotlight Soul is Oscar Morelli (El), congratulations! Oscar has been an engaged participant in several ongoing plots the last months. The character's consistent involvement and approach to dynamic relationships and plots are just fantastic!

1.12  December - Inferni & Salsola

Our Spotlight Souls this month are the members of Inferni and Salsola! Both packs' member bases have been particularly active and involved with the war that led up to Inferni moving back to the Bleeding Souls territory, alongside a heaping of juicy plots to gossip about. The leadership teams of the two packs worked diligently to keep the events fun for their members, and it shows! Congratulations to everyone!