Spotlight Soul 2010

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  1.   1.  Winners
    1.   1.1  July 2010 - Ghita Marino
    2.   1.2  August 2010 - Element
    3.   1.3  September 2010 - Liliana Vess
    4.   1.4  October 2010 -
    5.   1.5  November 2010 -
    6.   1.6  December 2010 -

1.  Winners

1.1  July 2010 - Ghita Marino

  • Pack: Crimson Dreams
  • Ghita Marino of Crimson Dreams has been awarded July's Spotlight Soul. Since the fall of Old Red and breaking her leg, Ghita has been recovering slowly and realistically, taking her time and finding creative ways to adjust to her new handicap. She has been learning to draw, reconnecting with her niece, meeting new pack members, and even saving others from a window monster! While other characters may become stagnant from needing to stay in one place while recovering, Ghita has managed to keep herself and others entertained... not to mention that co-rank she's earned while she's at!

1.2  August 2010 - Element

  • Pack: Creatures
  • Element the cat has been awarded August's Spotlight Soul and is the first Creature to receive the honor! Since arriving in late June, this feline has made his way around ‘Souls and offered unique experiences for canines not used to finding intelligence and sophistication in other species. As a cat, Element may be unable to participate in packs, but this hasn't stopped him from trying to learn more about them while searching and grieving for his dead comrade, Flower. In many ways, Element has proved that it's still possible to survive as a cat in a world dominated by canines.

1.3  September 2010 - Liliana Vess

  • Pack: Aniwaya?
  • Liliana Vess has been awarded September's Spotlight Soul. As a highly active member of AniWaya, Liliana has been involved in a variety of pack activities while taking steps towards her chosen tribe profession. Sincere and curious, she does not limit herself to interactions only with fellow pack members and has made friends in many places, including nearby Phoenix Valley.

1.4  October 2010 -

  • Pack: Inferni
  • Izaak has been poking around a lot in recent months, stalking old women and speaking broken English!

1.5  November 2010 -

  • Pack: Dahlia de Mai
  • Saul Stormbringer (Honey) has been making quite an effort in Dahlia de Mai, keeping extremely high post counts, especially considering Saul isn't even an adult yet! Some of the leaders had some things to say about all the hard work Saul has been doing lately: "Just looking through their post log shows Saul has already started to learn how to hunt with Conor, fight with Saluce, make jewelry with Bris, and still has time to meet other characters outside of the pack!" "Honey is really working hard to get Saul involved in plots and other things...and I think he's a great example of a spotlight! :D" Keep up the great work, Saul!

1.6  December 2010 -

  • Pack: Cercatori D'Arte
  • Orin Takekuro (Nuki) has been ridiculously active in Cercatori D'Arte. She has “made a new celebration thread, and has been much more active as of late, and is working towards her co rank ... she's been one of [Cercatori's] more actives this month in the pack” despite working against recent health troubles. She has been providing an interesting environment for her packmates to roleplay in -- Orin “took up a shop in Thornbury, and has been active with all the members of the pack as well as creating fun threads to read.” Way to go, Nuki!