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it's a durr (by Miyu)

Preybot is a 'Souls account originally created for the purpose of roleplaying prey animals' perspectives in hunting threads. It has since become a general account for roleplaying as prey or as a one-time-use, member-controlled NPC character. This can make playing these sorts of threads more interesting, realistic, and less confusing for other members, as your character's actions and the prey character's actions are clearly separate.

That its name is a complete misnomer (it is neither prey nor a bot) just makes it more fun.

  • Disclaimer: due to the nature of Preybot, many threads below are tagged [M] for Mature Content. The descriptions may contain trigger words, so reader discretion is advised.

1.  Rules and Information

2.  Preybot Threads

2.1  IPB Archive, 2008-2012

  1. All the Anger and Eloquence are Bleeding (Aug 22 2009)
    "Bastardo" (wolf) by Mel: Gabriel de le Poer spots a trespasser, and calls all of Inferni down on him. He is wounded by many, but Halo Lykoi deals the killing blow.
  2. [M] Mission: Seek, Capture, Destroy (Jun 4 2011)
    Darijus Ostroszek (wolf) by Sie: Darijus and his friend, Yorick, are captured by Bastion Hallow and Tlantli Kimaris trespassing in Salsola. Yorick is interrogated and killed; Darijus is enslaved.
  3. [M] If the Price is Right (Aug 23 2011)
    Hampton (wolf) by Mel: Denver Mathis and Magnolia Takekuro are tasked to kill a trespasser in Salsola. They take advantage of his attraction to Magnolia to lure him in, then execute him.
  4. Fake Empire (Nov 3 2011)
    Terah (wolf) by Sie: Salsola's Magnolia Takekuro catches a clueless trespasser and drives her to leave in a hurry, but opts not kill her.
  5. Heavens Made with Black Fire (Nov 20 2011)
    Hermann (wolf) by Alex: A naive foreigner mistakenly crosses Salsola borders, and is captured by Eris Eternity, Esmeralda Acidic, and Daisuke Ghanjai. He is hauled off to be later used as a sacrifice.
  6. [M] Death and Beauty (Nov 28 2011)
    Unknown (canine) by Nuki: Amy Sunders encounters a lone male who flirts with her. She takes advantage of his inattentiveness to knock him out, then strings him up and tortures him for her amusement.
  7. [M] The Myth of Innocence (Dec 19 2011)
    Unknown (canine) by Nat: Helotes Lykoi and Symera Villisca were walking near the borders of Inferni, deep in conversation. They were ambushed by a wrathful canine and fought for their lives, and Helotes is the one to kill the attacker.
  8. [M] The Beginnings of Evil (Jan 12 2012)
    Fenin (wolf) by Nuki: Juliet Moonsong wanders just outside of Cercatori d'Arte where a stranger convinces her to follow him to a shack. As the sun goes down and Juliet tries to go home, Fenin stops her with force, and before long he becomes more aggressive and abusive. Lorenzo Knight comes looking for her and catches Fenin in the act of rape, and kills the loner to save her.
  9. The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men (Feb 2 2012)
    Verusha Agata (coyote) by Sie: In the Sequoia invasion of Salsola, Vesper tries to free the slave Verusha Agata. Eris Eternity and Miqui Kimaris spot them and kill Verusha for insubordination, and Vesper is forced to flee for her life.
  10. [M] Gonna Get Off This Merry-go-round (Feb 28 2012)
    Evike Boros (wolf) and Jenci Boros (wolf, NPC) by Sie: Halo Lykoi searches for her son, Oblivion Lykoi, who wandered off toward the borders. A pair of loner siblings were in the process of abducting him when Halo attacks, killing the brother before being bludgeoned by the club-wielding sister. Myrika Tears rushes to the rescue of her packmate and kills the female.
  11. [M] Kidnap Magnet (Apr 14 2012)
    Unnamed (coyote) by ??: A simple-minded coyote discovers a den in the wilderness and steals the puppy Kohaku Amarok as his "toy". The crying infant draws the attention of his mother, Kiara Amarok, as well as her friend Noah Sawtooth. They harass and pursue the coyote until he is weakened by blood loss and relinquishes the puppy.
  12. Power, Power, the Law of the Land (Apr 27 2012)
    Saule Anders (wolf), Piet Theodorus (wolf) by Sie: Salsola is attacked by members of Boreas. Draugr Helsi is beset upon, but Siv Helsi and Yi Tae Kyung rush to her rescue.
  13. We Prove Ourselves (Jun 2 2012)
    Reagan (wolf) by Raze: A follower of Boreas attacks Inferni members Sparrow and Jacinto Lykoi. During the scuffle, Sparrow fatally stabs him with a dagger.
  14. [M] Now She's a Birdcage (And He's a Skeleton Key) (Aug 20 2012)
    Guy (wolf) by Sie: In the midst of a rainstorm, Cassandra Asylum is assaulted by a male who knew her a long time ago and considers her a traitor. During the bloody struggle, he attempts to rape her, but she surges into action and kills him with brutal efficiency.
  15. Taken (Oct 14 2012)
    Unnamed (wolfdog) by ??: At the height of the New Dawn Conflict, Amy Sunders sends a client into the packland to steal a puppy for her. He is spotted by Adonia Demos who, when he realizes she is pregnant, gets kidnapped instead.

2.2  Current, 2013-onward

  1. Desperation (Jan 16 2013)
    Rast (wolf) by Alex: A starving wolf trespasses to hunt inside of Casa di Cavalieri, and is met by Adelle Vilhelmsen.
  2. [M] a highway back to the heart (Jan 27 2013)
    Cirael June Lykoi by Sie: Myrika Tears reveals she is pregnant with CJ's litter. Vesper interrogates him, and he cruelly explains that he is a cousin so the incestuous pups could have birth defects. After Kaena Lykoi confirms his heritage, the Inferni leaders convene and decide to execute him.
  3. [M] First Blood: I Can Taste It on My Tongue (Feb 8 2013)
    Markus (wolf) by Mel: Friends Loki and Basilio Lykoi walk the Inferni borders, and come across a loner dismantling the skulls on display. When challenged, the arrogant loner is quick to attack them, which leads to his death.
  4. Snow Huntress (Feb 13 2013)
    Deer by Ann: Lyris Stryder practices archery, and successfully hunts a fawn.
  5. [M] Traveler in the Dark (Feb 19 2013)
    Reverend (wolf) by Sie: Myrika Tears is pursued by a religious zealot intent on taking her unborn litter. Leon Bloodmane breaks the loner's neck to kill her, and Myrika offers him a place in Inferni for saving her.
  6. [M] where the dogs were hungry, roaming (Jul 30 2013)
    Belmonte D'Amore (dog) by Raze: A vengeful former member of Cour des Miracles returns to the borders to assault the king's son, Pascal Sadira. Silvano Sadira and Skoll Haskel arrive to rescue the youth, and execute Belmonte for his betrayal.
  7. [M] A Wild Mine Appears! (Aug 2 2013)
    Unnamed (wolf) by Nuki(?): Krys Sawtooth is kidnapped by brigands who were stealing from New Dawn. Zalen Damaichu and X'yrin Exultare lead the warriors of New Dawn and Sangi'lak respectively into the mines to rescue Krys.
  8. [M] you're a wolf, boy, get out of this town (Nov 3 2013)
    Labana (coyote) by Sie: Myrika Tears finds a wounded mother and child, and rushes them to Inferni's healer, Harosheth Kimaris. Only one survives.
  9. You bleed, we crawl like animals (LASKY)
    Grizzly bear by Ann: Lyris Stryder and Kenyon Stryder are the only known survivors after their family crosses into bear territory.
  10. First Blood (Mar 15 2014)
    Buck by Ann: Ciara, Conan, Athena, Grizzer, Keylo, and Xander team up to hunt deer in New Dawn.
  11. Sneaky Snacks (Mar 17 2014)
    Chipmunk by Raze: Ciara hunts chipmunks in Northern Tides.
  12. streams of life digress (Mar 19 2014)
    Muskrat by Lin: Shiloh Dawnbringer, Dreyma Moineau, and Lyris Stryder hunt in the Miramichi Watershed.
  13. Our next generation is growing (Mar 25 2014)
    Rabbit by Miyu: Lucia and Zalen teach the puppies Petra and Bertolt how to hunt in New Dawn.
  14. baby lion lost his teeth (Mar 26 2014)
    Bull elk by Jace: Lyris Stryder and Farina vin Haki hunt big game outside Fort Cumberland.
  15. Demands (Apr 12 2014)
    Illiam by Marit: Illiam Quayle and Stois attempt to persuade AniWaya to give them their land back.
  16. Cause we are the fallen (Jun 13 2014)
    Žigmund (wolf) and Cornel (wolf, NPC) by Lin; Eulália (wolf) and Dalibor (wolf, NPC) by Raze: A family of Slovak wolves seeks to put Nephilim de le Poer out of his misery. A group of Infernians come to Nephilim's rescue.
  17. Striking A Match For The Keyhole (Jul 20 2014)
    Neera (mountain lion) by Suga: A mountain lioness hunts for her children, only for her prey to be snatched by Ramsay Kit. She is talked out of attacking the fox by Orion North.
  18. all is silent but the fluttering door (Aug 01 2014)
    Lavender (coyote) and Atticus (wolfdog, NPC) by Raze: A couple of loners argue with Octavius and August of Krokar about their stolen home.
  19. [M] i’m scared to death of light and silence (Jan 6 2016)
    Flavian (wolf) by Mel: When a man attacks Bane D'Angelo along the Salsola border, he soon finds himself in over his head as fellow Salsola members Heine Kaiser and Basilaris Eternity come to her defense.
  20. look at your face like you're killed in a dream (Jan 12 2016)
    Thomas Blanc (hybrid) by Lorraine: A loner gets in over his head with Loki Jade Lykoi, Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi, and Weaver Valentine along the Salsola border.
  21. I'm more than just a pretty face (Jan 17 2017)
    Zilaph Lager (wolf) by Raze: Zilpah Lager attempts to recruit Alistair Callow for the Boreas cause.
  22. [M] that's all there is (February 14 2018)
    Fargo (coydog) by Despi: A mangy coydog ventures a little too close to Salsola's borders, and encounters O'Riley Eternity and Idrieus, who take issue.
  23. [M] death don't have no mercy (April 30 2019)
    Jackie Munroe (coyote) by Despi: A young coyote woman faces prosecution at the hands of Solomon James and his company.
  24. [M] the debt un-reconciled (May 4 2019)
    Arlo Dunaway (wolf) by Despi: A gravely injured Arlo is found by Waynescott Wyatt, Boone Lykoi, and Ceridwen Armistice.
  25. [M] there's a dead man in the back (May 26 2019)
    Pippin Hamer (wolf) by Despi: While on a patrol with Dolores Kasper, gutsy Pippin jumps the gun on an attack against Boone Lykoi and Johnathan Winthrop.
  26. [M] redemption lies plainly in truth (Sept 30 2020)
    Earl Waits and Gil Hinson (coydogs) by Despi: A duo of coydogs keep watch over the Del Mar encampment, where they encounter a group of approaching Del Ceneren members; a skirmish ensues between Earl, Gil, Hosea, Peony, and Vera.
  27. [M] The Shankill Butchers Ride Tonight (Sept 13 2021)
    Nazjure Aripaya (coydog) by Westy: A raid on DCG in the middle of the night by PirateCalloway and his crew bring Nazjure and others in to loot the pack's storage and fight. Nazjure and fellow goon, Valentine take on Hosea, Cent, and Dinar.
  28. A Trader Like Me (March 19 2022)
    Maurice (dog-mix) by Jazzy: A trader specialising in herbs and poisons comes back to Casa to do business. Little does he know, Maisie O'Neil wishes to question him on what he knows about the poisoning that happened in Casa during the fall.
  29. [M] in her right hand, a silver dagger (Nov 26 2023)
    Alex (coydog) by Juni: A thief who falls victim to Salsola's border traps and is unlucky enough to encounter Skadi Eternity and Eris Prizmov while helpless.

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