'Souls Staff Bulletin December 2009

1.  March

1.1  Auxiliary Character Requests

  • Six additional character requests were denied, eight were approved.

1.2  Character-Per-Pack Limit Exception Request

  • A request for a player to have two non-blood relative characters in the same pack was considered and approved as an exception to the general rule.

1.3  Formspring Questions

  • Several Formspring questions were answered! Go look at them here!

1.4  Icon Hunt!

  • An icon hunt was discussed, approved, and written up for Saint Patrick's Day.

1.5  Image and name theft

  • An outside image theft and name theft related to 'Souls was discovered. The creator of the image was informed of the theft. However, it was decided that there wasn't much that could be done in regards to the theft of the 'Souls-related name.

1.6  Litter Requests

  • A litter of four puppies was revised to a litter of three and approved.

1.7  Pack Rules

  • Questions regarding the pack rules were discussed, and it was decided that the pack rules would be changed to display that territory and rank changes are alright for a leader to do whenever they'd like, but that pack color and pack icon changes would be approved/disapproved on a case by case basis with preference given to ICly unexpected changes of leadership.

1.8  Symbolism in 'Souls

  • Admins and mods discussed the use of symbolism in 'Souls and about the realism of certain symbols.

2.  April

2.1  Auxiliary Character Requests

  • Five additional character requests were approved. Two were rejected.

2.2  Create-a-Territory VI

  • With the release of the new map, it became necessary for another create-a-territory contest, so one was launched!

2.3  Puppy Requests

  • One litter of two puppies was rejected.

2.4  Unrealistic Coloration

  • Extreme coloration in character appearances was discussed.

3.  May

3.1  Auxiliary Character Rules

  • After some discussion, it was decided that players be allowed to play two characters without explicit approval as long as certain requirements are met.

3.2  Auxiliary Character Requests

  • Three second character, three third character, & two fourth character requests were approved, one was denied.

3.3  Eye Coloration

  • A character with eyes described as changing color was discussed and their profile was asked to be revised to exclude this.

3.4  Moderator Evaluation

  • After conducting an evaluation of our moderators, two promotions were made.

3.5  NPC Character Puppy Requests

  • A question involving puppy requests was discussed, and it was decided that a character put on NPC status may request a litter of puppies upon reentering the game only if the character has been played at 'Souls for six months.