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  1.   1.  Administration History
    1.   1.1  2001 - 2002
    2.   1.2  2003 - 2005
    3.   1.3  2006 - 2009
    4.   1.4  2010 - 2012
    5.   1.5  2013 - 2014
    6.   1.6  2015
  2.   2.  Administration
    1.   2.1  Founders (2001)
    2.   2.2  2002
    3.   2.3  2003
    4.   2.4  2004
    5.   2.5  2005
    6.   2.6  2006
    7.   2.7  2007
    8.   2.8  2008
    9.   2.9  2009
    10.   2.10  2010
    11.   2.11  2011
    12.   2.12  2012
    13.   2.13  2013
    14.   2.14  2014
    15.   2.15  2015
    16.   2.16  2016
    17.   2.17  2017
    18.   2.18  2018
    19.   2.19  2019
    20.   2.20  2020
    21.   2.21  2021
    22.   2.22  2022
  3.   3.  Moderation
    1.   3.1  2010
    2.   3.2  2011
    3.   3.3  2012
    4.   3.4  2013
    5.   3.5  2014
    6.   3.6  2015
    7.   3.7  2016
    8.   3.8  2017
    9.   3.9  2018
    10.   3.10  2019
    11.   3.11  2020
    12.   3.12  2021
    13.   3.13  2022
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'Souls has had a crapload of administrators over its long existence and even more moderators. These people have all helped to keep the site running over its history, and they have all contributed in one way or another. :D <3

1.  Administration History

1.1  2001 - 2002

In the beginning, there were threeeeeEeeeeeEEEeeee... or something. >_> Yeah, so it was Sie, Natalie and Jenn to start it off! The three of them set the framework for Bleeding Souls in an AIM chatroom one night, laying down the basic scenario and setting for the game.

Due to life problems Jenn was almost immediately absent from the administration and in-game, removed shortly thereafter. Natalie and Sie had something of a falling out, causing her to quit the game. Sie was the solo administrator for a short while, until she added a few more people to the 'Souls Assemblage, namely Laura and Kim.

For a really long time, Shmee played a vital role in 'Souls—when Sie wanted to go on a rampage and slice people into little pieces, Shmee was always the one to politely and calmly suggest a much better diplomatic solution to the problem that did not involve Sie shedding blood, and thus 'Souls was a much calmer (and cleaner) place.

Kim turned out to be one of the best early choices for an administrator: she was quite steadfast and quite accessible and friendly to newcomers from the beginning. She proved completely irreplaceable with her knowledge of the German language, both when the German ranks were first introduced as well as when they were later altered to differentiate between masculine and feminine ranks.

1.2  2003 - 2005

A few other people—Lor and Evelyn also had relatively short stints on the administration due to the ridiculous once-policy of alphas automatically attaining 'Souls Assemblage. Their time was short, but of course they were good administrators while they were there! Both designed some early layouts of 'Souls.

For some reason, we went crazy and had nine administrators at one point. For no reason whatsoever. Yes, things took positively forever to get done, but on the bright side, there was a vibrant chorus of many different voices contributing things from numerous angles to the game, so it wasn't so bad. Of course, there were lots of administration changes: Mel and Kris were added; Zero, Corrine, Caroline and Drew served for a brief time.

Mel is pure awesome and everyone knows it. Mel has been a member of 'Souls for freaking ever; she is one of the oldest and the crustiest. ;D ♥ Presently she's a senior moderator. Kris is also pure awesome—she has also been a member forever, since her first character Ceres Sadira—she has always lent a kind voice and unique ideas to the staff of the site. She continues to be a junior moderator to the present day!

Zero is also still a member of the site—as an administrator and a member, she's always excelled at lending a scientific eye to 'Souls. :] She's always been the one to save 'Souls from blunders where it comes to science and the laws of nature and so forth. ;P Caroline was one of the earlier administrators as well, and during her time she was quite helpful with generating various ideas for the site—she made a brief return in 2009, but she hasn't been seen otherwise. Cori and Drew served shorter terms on the administration, but they both gave a unique perspective to the administration.

In July of 2005, the leadership system was changed slightly to separate In Character leadership and Out of Character moderation powers somewhat. For some cockeyed reason we decided to make six different tiers of staff, ranging from temporary contest moderator up to 'Souls Assemblage, but this was eventually chopped down and simplified greatly, as evidenced by the current system with four tiers, one administrative and three moderator tiers.

Late 2005 did, however, see the loss of a longtime 'Souls Assemblage member with the leaving of Laura. ;~~; However, she did return in 2010! HELL YEAH!

1.3  2006 - 2009

2006 saw the addition of a few new administrators: Akumu and Kiri were both inducted to the 'Souls Assemblage. :D This was most likely done to replace Laura and Zero, who both left in late 2005. Akumu had proven herself invaluable as a helper about the board, and Kiri had already been a steadfast, long-time member for four years at this point, having proven her worth several times over—she's probably been at 'Souls the longest of anyone at this point for a consecutive amount of time, jeez. :3

In early 2006, Annee was added to the 'Souls Assemblage team and she remained a short time. Annee had a very sharp eye for flaws in things—she saw things from angles others did not, and provided a unique voice in the administration.

Mel and Akumu left the 'Souls Assemblage and the board in fall 2006, but both would eventually return, thankfully. ♥ Amber was later added to the 'Souls Assemblage around this time. Amber was both avid on the in character aspects of the game— constantly plotting and threading with others and involving others with the game.

In October of 2007, Sie finally bit the dust after floundering inactive for some months. :( She also sucks and did not come back to lurk at all until she rejoined. >:O!! Tammi and Sonia were added to the 'Souls Assemblage to replace her. Tammi is also awesomesauce, clearly. She finangles CSS to this day, and also does craploads of helpful things for the site! She's full of new ideas, candy, and sparkles all the time. Poke her and there are rainbows! 8D Likewise, Sonia was incredibly involved IC and had been running the Jaded Shadows pack with Tammi since Kim's departure. She and Tammi squealed like little girls on AIM when they were promoted! (Heehee)

In September of 2008, Anna was promoted to the 'Souls Assemblage upon Sonia's resignation. Anna had quickly proven herself as a versatile and hard-working member of the site upon first joining with Pilot Haddon and working her way to alphaship of Storm; she continues to administrate with an iron fist of sexy pierced lovins to this day! :3

At the end November 2009, James was promoted to 'Souls Assemblage while Amber was formally removed after having been AWOL for several months and not responding to all available contact methods. Although there was no precedent for removal of an administrator, the game requires active administration to successfully continue, and such a thing had to be done. James had been a member since 2005 and a senior moderator for a very long time upon his promotion—naturally he had already proven himself quite a capable administrator. :D

1.4  2010 - 2012

In July 2010, Kris stepped down from the position of Junior moderator, although she would continue roleplaying. Alli was promoted to the position of Basic moderator in October 2010, and Libri was also promoted to Senior Moderator. Sie was, for some crazy-ass reason, given access to the admin control panels again and everyone has regretted it since. |:

In February 2011, Shawchert was added to the moderator team. In April 2011, Libri was promoted to 'Souls Assemblage and there was a viking on our team ohnoes.

In late 2011, the Moderator tiers system was abolished, replaced by a simpler system of Moderators (who had access over all forums and were identical to the previous Senior Mods) and Moderator Interns (a limited access, "trial" run of a moderator). The then-moderators Alli, Meghann, Marit, and Mel were all given full moderator's powers. In early 2012, Tammi stepped down from the 'Souls Assemblage, while Mel and Marit were promoted to 'SA.

Sunny joined the moderation team in April of 2012. In late 2012, James stepped down from the 'Souls Assemblage due to a busy life, and became a normal moderator again. Soon afterwards, however, he left 'Souls all together. :( However, Raze was then promoted to a full-fledged moderator in September of 2012! Yay!

1.5  2013 - 2014

In January of 2014, Marit stepped down from the 'Souls Assemblage to focus on being a leader. Around the same time, Miyu was asked to be a moderator, and accepted the position. :)

Later in the year, in November, there was a slight shuffling of staff responsibilities - moderators now had more 'social' responsibilities, and gained the ability to note and accept requests, as well as 'pend' joiners. Where the mods focused on discussion, projects, and other things of that nature more, a new, non-staff position called "Maintenance Aide" was added to pick up maintenance duties around the forum. A select few were chosen to test out the position, and it was a success! The program is still running today.

1.6  2015

In January of 2015, Sunny was promoted to 'Souls Assemblage. Around the same time, Alli stepped down from being a moderator, and Nine joined the moderation team after previously being a Maintenance Aide.

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