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1.  January

  • 1 January: Happy new year! How's your SoSuWriMo going? We have a brief newspost -- congrats to Axelle and Raze for Spotlight and Community Soul.
  • 3 January: We hope you'll enjoy the 2012 Yearbook! Good luck on your SoSuWriMo posting, as well! If you need a thread, go snatch an Open Thread!
  • 20 January: We have a new newspost available, with some pretty cool stuff! Please read over everything; we've also updated our Procedures!
  • 27 January: We had some data loss today. SoSuWriMo has been extended 24 hours to February 1st.

2.  February

3.  March

  • 1 March: There's a Newspost available -- with some interesting stuff going at the Outpost, too! Congrats to Ninette and Maxen Ganesa, Community and Spotlight Souls for February!

4.  April

5.  May

6.  June

7.  July

  • 3 July: A little newspost for you! Congrats to Vannah and Priam Nothing, our Community and Spotlight Souls for July! And if you didn't notice already, Xmas in July sign-ups are live!
  • 15 July: Hey look! A mid-month newspost! Does this make up for all the times we were late? ;)

8.  August

  • 2 August: Congrats to Miyu and Lola, our Spotlights for the month! Also, here is a newspost!

9.  September

  • Announcement lost. Points from the newspost:
    • Spotlight Soul to Sequoia Exultaire (Aadi); Community Soul to Kite (ChloĆ© Moineau)!
    • Sie killed a bunch of Thread Requests by accident
    • Wiki Bug
    • Roleplay Aides name changed to Roleplay Aids

10.  October

11.  November

  • 2 November: ?
  • 18 November: Happy 12th Birthday, 'Souls! We have a ton of cool things to share with you including a contest, a raffle, a territory expansion, and lots of new skins! Check out all the details hereCheck out all the details here! :)

12.  December

  • 1 December: Whoa, it's that time of year again! Check out our newspost, the annual Secret Santa swap, and our yearly Yearbook compilation! Congratulations to Ombre and Alaine for Spotlight and Community Souls, respectively!
  • 22 December: Congrats to Raze, our birthday contest winner! Also, have a mid-month newspost with some minor updates and reminders.
  • 26 December: Yearbook Superlative polls are up! Vote for your favourites! Also, it looks like it's almost time for SoSuWriMo again... you ready? ;)