2012 Board Announcements

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1.  January

  • 1 January: Happy new year! How about a newspost to kick it off? Welcome to New Dawn our tenth pack, and congrats to X'yrin (Zyn) and Alex, our Spotlight & Community Souls!
  • 13 January: It’s a bird. No, it’s a plane. NO (!), it’s the new and shiny 2011 Yearbook going live (no, we didn’t forget)! Also, please check out this notice about premature requests and applications.
  • 16 January: We have recently made some staff changes, and a seasonal Winter Festival event is available! Read more in this news post.
  • 20 January: New skin! Also the map has finally been updated to include New Dawn. Sorry for the delay!

2.  February

  • NADA

3.  March

  • Congrats to Ciara O'Callahan [1] of New Dawn for winning Spotlight Soul in March!
  • The Puppy Procedures [2] have been amended; now, parent characters must be at least 18 months of age at the time of the litter request.

4.  April

  • 1 April: A wild March Newspost appears! Check it out, guys! Also, congratulations to our March Spotlight Soul, Ciara!
  • 27 April: InH has disbanded -- see this newspost. As a note, we won't be accepting any new pack applications until 3 May, just so everyone is aware!

5.  May

  • 2 May: The April Newspost is now available! Congratulations to Alma and Wander? for Spotlight and Community Soul, respectively!
  • 18 May: We've revamped our NPC Procedures -- all players are advised to read over the new information. o: If you have any questions or comments, please reply here! Also, we've got a new pack -- welcome to Vinátta!

6.  June

  • 18 June: Welcome to our newest pack, Sangi'lak!
  • 20 June: FINALLY. NEW. SKIN. Also the map has been updated with our new packs!

7.  July

  • 1 July: Oh, hey, look, Xmas in July is back. o: Sign-ups end July 8. We also have "dual" Spotlight and Community Souls this month: Ismeme and Palaydrian for Spotlight Soul, and Tammi and Miyu for Community Soul! Read more about it here!
  • 2 July: Never fear, the May-June Newspost is here~
  • 11 July: The pairings for our X-Mas in July contest have been sent out. C: Remember that all sets are due in the Drop-Off thread by August 1!

8.  August

  • 1 August: Dance the Dance of the Newspost! Congrats to Niernan for Spotlight Soul and Aly for Community Soul. Additionally, Xmas in July is now over! O:
  • 6 August: Everyone, PLEASE read this announcement regarding our recent downtime and data loss.

9.  September

10.  October

  • 6 October: Newspost time! Sorry for the delay! Enjoy the new skin! Congrats to Saqui Utina and Marie, our Spotlight and Community Souls for September!
  • 7 October: Hurray, the winners of the Matchmaker Contest have been announced, here!
  • 20 October: A few small updates and public service announcements for your reading pleasure.
  • 21 October: Everyone please read this Very Important Information about our impending board move.
  • 5:30pm EST, 25th October: And we're offline. Don't set anything on fire while we're down, okay? Remember to keep an eye on Twitter and Facebook for updates.
  • 26 October: WELCOME BACK, KIDS. Did you find a bug, something broken, or even just looking icky? Leftover admin goop? Let us know with a bug report! Thanks. 8D The ARCHIVE BOARD is HERE.
  • 31 October: Happy Halloween! Joining & Requests are now open again, and the Migration Thread will now process NPC/inactive character accounts from the old board. We're still short-staffed though, so please continue to be patient with us. Thank you~ <3

11.  November

  • 2 November: Too much excitement for a newspost this month, but congrats to KennaFoxleigh, our Spotlight Soul for October, and thank you, leaders, for deciding that all of SA is Community Soul even though we're still being slowbutts. ♥
  • 18 November: Happy 11th Birthday, 'Souls! ♥ There are three new kiritars for your enjoyment!

12.  December