2011 Board Announcements

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1.  January

2.  February

  • 1 February: Congratulations to Sky and Shadow, Spotlight and Community Souls! We've released the staff bulletin as well as a minor news post -- happy Update Your Profile day!
  • 2 February: It's the snowocalypse here at 'Souls too!
  • 13 February: We have another newspost up -- some things addressed in it are quite importantU, so please check it out!

3.  March

  • 3 March: Congrats to Jace and Kiki, Spotlight and Community Souls for February!
  • 18 March: Oh, look, an icon hunt! Also, go check out the news post with quite a few important reminders!

4.  April

  • 1 April: Congratulations to Sylvey and Sunny, Spotlight and Community Souls for March! If you're in need of a thread, why don't you nab an Open Thread? We've got quite a few right now! And here's another April news post, with some info on our icon hunt winners and other new things!
  • 19 April: We've changed around our joining procedures considerably. Current IC joiners may continue their threads, but new joiners should abide by the new methods of joining 'Souls. :)

5.  May

  • 9 May: We have a new skin, some changes to the Mentorship program, and other changes detailed in our most recent news post! Additionally, congrats to Sammy and Sorin, Spotlight and Community Souls for April!
  • 12 May: Oh hay, new pack. :o The map has been updated accordingly and includes a recent territory expansion by Crimson Dreams, as well.

6.  June


7.  July


8.  August

9.  September

10.  October


11.  November

  • 5 November: Take a look at our October Newspost! Also, congratulations to Vesper (Raze) and Jace, who are our Spotlight & Community Souls for October!
  • 16 November: Apologies for the delay, but congrats to our Fireside Winners!
  • 18 November: You are now 10 YEARS OLD! We have a number of festivities planned, all of which are listed in our NEWS post! Additionally, if you have a temporary character, you have until December 2nd to drop or kill the character. Any auxiliary applications must be approved before December 2nd.
  • 26 November: Raffle and Icon Hunt winners have been announced! The history quiz is now closed and winners will be announced on the 1st. In the meantime, the Wiki is back online! ;) The survey is still accepting responses till then though!

12.  December