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1.  January

  • 1st January: Happy New Year! The 2009 Yearbook is up! And... what the heck is SoSuWriMo??
  • 6th January: Belated congrats to Alaine Winters, Spotlight Soul for December!
  • 10th January: Are you interested in participating in the Second Dahlian War? If so, you do not need permission to pick up a temporary character! Please see this topic in RR for more information about the war and how you can participate!
  • 26th January: SoSuWriMo winners can begin picking up their prizes here. The rest of you have about a week left to hit that 50,000th word! Also, some belated summary blurbs have been added to the pack pages of the 2009 Yearbook.

2.  February

  • 1st February: Congrats to Andrea Newton, the Spotlight Soul for January! SoSuWriMo is now over; you guys were amazing this month! Congrats to all thirteen of our winners and good luck to everyone else next year!
  • 3rd February: Monday was Update Your Profile Day! Stop forgetting! Also, members should remember that art theft is a ban-able offense and that no artwork that you didn't draw yourself should be used in character avatars or profiles without permission and credit to the artist. Thank you for respecting the artists!
  • 10th February: Some new additions have been made to the rules in section V.2.7 and V.6. If you have any questions or need clarifications, please don't hesitate to ask!
  • 23rd February: Have you voted for 'Souls in the topsites recently? If so, you can claim one of these lovely banners to show your support! :D
  • 26th February: Congratulations to Marit, Sie, Libri, and Lin who have been promoted to Pack mod, Junior mod, Junior mod, and Senior mod respectively!

3.  March

  • 14th March: Yes, it's time for another icon hunt! Also, new skin time! If you're not ready for spring yet though, there's a lovely new non-default skin featuring a wintery header by Sie! You can access it through your control panel. Lastly, there's now a gigantic site map available for those who are getting a bit lost around here! Hope this is helpful!
  • 16th March: 16th March: You'd think we'd learn to not hide enough icons to win with so quickly, but nooo. Congratulations to Marit, who's found 11 three-leaf clovers and the four-leaf clover!
  • 25th March: We've made some changes to your profiles! You now have more room to link to profiles and post logs if you have multiple links. You can also now link to your auxiliary characters in your profile as well! You can edit your profile in your User Control Panel by clicking on "My Controls." Enjoy! :)

4.  April

  • 5th April:
    • Belated congrats to Anu, the Spotlight Soul for March!
    • We've updated the map! Following the end of the war, Inferni has expanded and shifted slightly to the northeast.
    • As you can see, the map has also been extended to include the rest of the peninsula 'Souls is on. As such, it's time for Create a Territory VI!
    • Minor updates and wording changes have been made to the Rules page; additionally, the entirety of what was formerly section V of the Rules has been moved to its own Procedures page.
    • Some clarifications have been made on the Packs page under "Individualization" regarding changing aspects of packs.

5.  May

6.  June

  • 1st June: Congratulations to Katie D. (Anann Kelevra) who was selected as our Spotlight Soul for May! Please remember to check the Open Thread List if you want an unplotted thread! We've got a bunch in need of replies! :) Today is the last day to enter the Create-A-Territory contest and I know someone wanted to make a territory involving the gallant and brave Nova Scotian moose...
  • 2nd June: New skin! With the beautiful header provided by Alta! If you're in the mood for something more spring/summer-flavored though, there's also a new non-default skin called "What If" that you can access from your Control Panel. :)
  • 9th June: We have a new, revised Affiliate topic! Please let us know if you encounter anything that doesn't work. ;)
  • 16th June: The Territory Contest is finally over, and the map has been updated accordingly. Please go play in the new (sub)territories! (Also, Cour des Miracles has expanded its territory!)

7.  July

  • 3rd July: After a billion years, the 'Souls RP Guide has received a major update! Check it out! There is no Spotlight Soul for June, but congratulations to our newest Featured New Affiliate, Wolf! Also, if you miss it, our Weather Box has moved to the Area page and is now automated.
  • 4th July: Why, yes, it is time for another Xmas in July event. :) And Americans, have fun with fireworks tonight!
  • 12th July: Xmas in July assignments are out! Check your PMs! Post your finished sets here! Also, a gentle reminder: if you're dropping a character or leaving the board, send a quick PM to your leader. Not everyone catches every RR topic. ^^; Thanks!
  • 20th July: New skin time! :) If red and gold isn't your thing though, there's also a new non-default skin by Sie called "Ninety Days and One Night" in your UCP!
  • 23rd July: The open thread list has been updated! If you need a thread, please check here! :)

8.  August

  • 1st August:
    • We have revamped and split our Spotlight Soul into two! As such, congrats to Ghita Marino, our Spotlight Soul for July, and Sie, our Community Soul for July!
    • Two new Catacombs skulls have been added to reflect the new Spotlights! The old Spotlight Soul skull is now retired.
    • Congrats also to Eternity, our Featured New Affiliate for August!
    • And there is a new Staff Bulletin posted. :3
  • 19 August: "Excessive powerplay or godmoding" has been added to the list of bannable offenses because for some reason it wasn't there already! :o

9.  September

  • 18 September: We have a new skin! It is green!

10.  October

  • 11 October:
    • A very belated congratulations to Liliana Vess, our Spotlight Soul for September?. There is no Community Soul this month.
    • Congrats also to Aevum, our Featured New Affiliate for October!
    • The Staff Bulletin for August and September has been posted.
  • 23 October:
    • You thought we weren't gonna have a Halloween skin, didn't you? ;) The gorgeous art for the header was provided by Titmouse!
    • Also: the HaLOLween Contest is back!
    • And last but not least, congratulations to Sie, your new 'Souls Assemblage member!
    • Oh, and... there have been a TON of updates and additions to the RP Guide since the last time we mentioned it. Go look!
  • 28 October: So how about that new pack, eh? :O
  • 30 October: Give us your feedback! Respond to the 'Souls Survey and let us know what you think about the site!

11.  November

  • 9 November:
    • Belated congrats to Izaak and Kemo, our Spotlight Soul and Community Soul for October!
    • Congrats also to Mel and Shaw, winners of the HaLOLween contest!
    • Further congratulations are due to REMOOR, our FNA for this month.
    • Many thanks to those who have taken our survey. You can still submit answers! We'll be addressing some of the common questions and concerns soon. :)
  • 15 November: Thanks for all your input in the 'Souls Survey! We have posted some responses to many questions, suggestions, and ideas we received. It's definitely worth a look! Feel free to leave a comment, too! Also, anyone is still welcome to respond to the survey if they have not yet done so!
  • 18 November: HAPPY 9th BIRTHDAY, 'SOULS! Enjoy the new skin, and the new Kiritar, the new contest, and some new jackal and dog avatars!

12.  December

  • 4 December: Heeey~, it's that time of year again! Sign up for the 2010 Secret Santa and post your entries and superlative suggestions to the 2010 Yearbook !
  • 7 December: Another new pack, already? Welcome to Anathema!
  • 13 December: We have a new skin, "Hallelujah." There's also a dark version of this skin -- you can change it in your UCP. PM assignments have gone out for Secret Santa 2010; please finish by January 2nd and drop your set off here!
  • 17 December: The 2010 Yearbook Superlatives have been chosen! You have until the 25th to make nominations!
  • 21 December: Happy Winter Solstice! Have a bunch of awesome updates! :D
  • 25 December: Happy holidays! Superlative nominations have ended and the polls are up! You have until the 30th to vote, as well as to finish up those last-minute Yearbook entries! Also, information for SoSuWriMo 2011 has been posted. Get ready to kick off the new year with a bang!